Tipi Jabrik’s Grom Patrol Training Camp and Comp Series Ends on Kuta Beach with High Performances and Happy Groms

The inaugural Tipi Jabrik’s Grom Patrol Training Camp and Com Series ended yesterday afternoon just before sundown with an amazing display of high performance surfing in the Under 18 Boys division, with Kuta Beach local Dhanny Widianto absolutely dominating the final to end up with a total score of 18.60 (out of a possible 20 points), leaving the other 3 competitors needing a combination of two new scores to overtake him for the win.  It was the proper way to end the youth-focused surf series that is meant to cultivate the next generation of Indonesia’s pro surfing legacy and showcase the talent pool that is growing every year.

Widianto started off the 20 minute final by posting an almost perfect 9.93 score (out of a possible 10 points) on his very first wave with a high straight air into searing cutback hack and then finishing with an air reverse on the inside, then on his last wave sealed his win with another excellent 8.77 to leave his fellow finalists far behind.

I’m so happy right now,” said Dhanny after the final.  “It was hard to find the right wave out there, some were too big and tsome too small, so when I got that right I knew it was my best chance for a score.  I think it helps that this is my home break..so happy to win today!”

His surfboard shaper Troy Hirst, whose 10 year old son Westen took first place in the Under 12 division today and last week took wins in both the Under 12 and Under 14 divisions, was over the moon with Dhanny’s and his son’s wins, and with the Grom Patrol series itself, saying, “It’s so good you guys have put on this Grom Patrol series for the kids, as it’s really been lacking for awhile here in Bali.  These kids are the future…they are the generation that are going to bring Indonesia to the forefront of surfing.  These kids are as good as any in the world, and they need as many opportunities as they can get.  Nice work you guys!”

There were 7 divisions of competition on Sunday, with over 70 kids competing from countries including Australia, Brazil, Italy, Japan, France, USA, England, New Zealand in ages from 6 years old through 17 years old, and in ability from having to be pushed in to seasoned pro juniors such as Dhanny Widianto and WSL Asia Region 2018 QS champion Ketut Agus.

12 year old Teddy Billy was the proud recipient of a Luke Studer surfboard, which he was awarded for his dedication and consistency in the event.  “ I’m really stoked to win this board, thanks so much everything,” said Teddy.  “I’m pretty happy with my results but I reckon next time I can do a lot better.  I hope next time I can get in three finals instead of two, and win one as well.  Thank you so much!”  Teddy is an expat and has been living in Bingin for the last 5 years, honing his skills at one of his favorite waves in the world.

The Halfway Kuta Boardriders hosted the final event of the series, and as usual Halfways offered up great waves for the day, with both lefts and rights on offer with glassy mornings and then offshore windy conditions in the latter half of the day.  “This is what boardriders is all about, making all the grommets happy and to keep the roots regenerated and rejuvenated.  And we did just that today with all those that care about the future of surfing in Indonesia.  Thanks so much to Tipi and all the supporters of the Grom Patrol,” said HKB President Rahtu Suargita

With the first Grom Patrol series done and dusted, Tipi Jabrik was asked for his thoughts, to which he replied, “This has been really fun, and I want to thank all the sponsors that helped us to make this happen, along with the kids and their parents and especially the boardriders clubs…without them this would never happen.  Now with the boardriders clubs like Halfways and Padma Boys, it’s way easier to make events as they understand the importance of having junior events and motivate our next generation of surfers.  We’re looking forward to doing this again next year during the holidays season, as the kids need more competitions during vacation, as they can just practice during the school time is the idea. Thanks again everyone, it’s been great!” said Tipi.

Thanks again to all the sponsors that supported the series and made it possible and contributed prizes such as:

–       Carve Sunglasses

–       Balin pads and leashes

–       FCS fins and leashes

–       Shapers fins and pads

–       Sunzapper zinc stick

–       Vissla products

–       Roxy products and accessories

–       Quiksilver products and accessories

Billabong product vouchers ( 1 million rupiah)

–       69 Slam accessories and vouchers

–       Fuwax

–       La Barraca pizza

–       Drifter products

–       Chilli Surfboard –  Ketut Tia

–       Luke Studer Surfboards – Gung Ade and Teddy Bille

To watch the videos from the Grom Patrol Series, click on the link below:


Grom Patrol #3 Results – you can see all the scores on Live Heats at https://liveheats.com/events/1913

Grom Patrol Series Champions

Under 18 Boys – Ryuki Waida and Tenshi Ishii

Under 16 Boys – Made Joi

Under 16 Girls – Tetut Tia

Under 14 Boys – Dwi Putrawan

Under 12 Girls – Anissa Rei Martin

Under 12 Boys – Made Balon

Grom Patrol 3 Results

Under 18 Boys

  1. Dhanny Widianto– 18.60 pts
  2. Ryuki Waida– 12.50 pts
  3. Bronson Meidy – 10.66 pts
  4. Tenshi Ishii – 7.37 pts

Under 16 Boys

  1. Pajar Ariyana– 14.77 pts
  2. Made Joi – 12.94 pts
  3. Ryu Keker – 9.67 pts
  4. Teopilos Wau – 6.73 pts

Under 16 Girls

  1. Ketut Tia – 11.33 pts
  2. Iin– 8.70 pts
  3. Serena Boccato – 7.70 pts
  4. Kayla Tani Martin – 4.97 pts

Under 14 Boys

  1. Ramone 10.33 pts
  2. Gana Pranata – 9.47 pts

3  Taisei Akiyama – 7.27 pts

  1. Teddy Billy – 6.40 pts

Under 12 Boys

  1. Westen Hirst – 9.23 pts
  2. Made Balon – 8.20 pts
  3. Surya Ishii –7.80 pts
  4. Kahea Isshiki – 4.07 pts

Under 12 Girls

  1. Lidia Kato – 18.00 pts
  2. Annissa Rei Martin– 7.57 pts
  3. Hanasuri Jabrik – 6.70 pts
  4. Indie Siedmiogrodzski – 5.67 pts

Under 10 Boys

  1. Philip Duke – 11.67 pt
  2. Made Nesa Prasada – 7.50 pts
  3. Oscar GLessop – 7.13 pts

4 .  Yushin Tanizawa- 4.47 pts

A special thanks goes out to all the Grom Patrol sponsors!

Tipi Jabrik’s Grom Patrol Surf Training Camp & Comp is generously supported by Quiksilver, Roxy, Billabong, Vissla, Carve, 69 Slam, Chilli Surfboards, S Shapes Surfboards, Sunzapper/Balin, Drifter Surf, FuWax, Shapers, Ades, FCS11, Swich, LaBaraca, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, Bali Elite Surf Coaching, Kosta Hostel, Padma Boys, Halfway Kuta Boardriders, and media support from Surfing Indonesia, Pemburu Ombok, BaliBelly.com, Meerkat Global, SurfTime Magazine, and Baliwaves.com.