On Day Two of Tipi Jabrik’s Grom Patrol Training Camp, the kids took what they learned yesterday and last evening, and got some time in the water today to put it into practice in preparation for the Grom Patrol Surf Competition.

Yesterday the groms spent time learning about the International Surfing Association (ISA) Rules and Regulations regarding surfing competitions, like heat times, priority as a general overview, then some practice time in the water in front of the video camera to evaluate their level of skill and experience, which was later analyzed in a group session at Kosta Hostel.

This morning started with individual analysis at Kosta before coming to Kuta Beach to learn the importance of getting the body ready to surf, such as stretching and doing some aerobic warm up exercises before paddling out. Then it was on to the more technical aspects of surfing like how to study the lineup so you know where to sit, which waves to catch, and how to paddle to catch waves.

When the tide dropped, it was time to get into the water and do some the contest simulation, running some heats and giving the kids some feedback on their performance. It was a bit tricky given all the surf school students and free surfers also in the lineup, but with their Grom Patrol rashguards at least it was easier to spot them.

After getting cleaned up it was back to Kosta for dinner and another video review session and analysis, as well as a more detailed review on the ISA rules to prepare them for tomorrow’s competition.

“We’ll be coaching them through their heats, as well as giving them guidance on where to position themselves, reminding them how to catch the best waves, and to always look at the priority boards during their heats,” said BESC’s Dylan Amar. “We want them to have fun, but also to learn and focus on doing what we have been teaching them over the last two days. Each kid has strengths and weaknesses, so we want to help them become aware of what to work on, but overall we just want the kids to be safe and happy and to enjoy this experience.”

Tomorrow the Grom Patrol Competition will start at 8:00 am at Kuta Beach, with the draws already full from the 50 plus competitors. Should be an exciting day with the awarding and prizes given tomorrow afternoon on the beach.

To see Made Ropik’s video of yesterday’s activity, click here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1n4qyt9q21k0w26/GROM%20PATROL%20DAY%201.mp4?dl=0

To sign up for the next Grom Patrol Surf Training Camp & Comp on 12-14 July, please follow this link:


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