2 August 2023, Bali-Indonesia: The 5th annual Tipi Jabrik’s Grom Patrol supported by Vans Indonesia and Mamaka by Ovolo drew a record number of participants for the two day event on Kuta Beach during the weekend of the 29-30th of July. Over 130 male and female juniors signed up and participated in the 8 divisions of competition, from 10 years old and Under up to 16 years and Under. Kuta Beach offered up great waves, great weather and made for a perfect showcase for the region’s up and coming groms and the event, which was broadcast live via the Asian Surf Co’s (ASC) YouTube and Facebook channels.

Now in its 5th year, a new format was introduced which allowed the participants both more opportunities and more education in their progression towards learning to be a better surfer and a better competitor.

“The expression session style best 1 wave format paired with a no loser round 1 provided a perfect platform to introduce new comers to surf competition whilst allowing experienced competitors a format to show the judges their full range of progression, power and precision,” explained Beau Brenchley, former Surfing Australia Events Manager. “All competitors received a round one performance card after their round 1 heat that outlined their strengths and weaknesses from round 1, and provided feedback to help them in round 2,” he added.

Several of the competitors chose to surf in not only their age group division but also in the age division above, testing themselves further and givingthemselves more time in the water during the weekend.

One of these competitors was Dylan Wilcoxen, who is 14 years old but competed in both 16 and Under and 14 and Under divisions, winning the 16 and Under and placing second in the 14 and Under. Wilcoxen is Indonesian and has grown up in the wave rich paradise of the Mentawai Islands, already having made a name for himself in the free surfing world, and is now learning how to compete and put his talents on display at surfing competitions.

“This is my first Grom Patrol and I’m so stoked to win,” exclaimed Dylan after his win. “It was so good surfing with my friends out there in the final….so stoked that one wave came in for me to win it. Thanks to my sponsors and my parents and my friends for supporting me.”

And although the Grom Patrol was envisioned as a pathway for Indonesia’s junior surfers, it is also open to all who want to join, so this 5th annual event saw a great mix of expat, mixed and foreign participants from Australia, Thailand, Italy, Russia, Japan, Holland, USA, and a relative newcomer to the surfing scene, China!

Winning the 16 and Under Girls Division was Yu Yan from China, who has been training in Bali with Coach Mustofa Jeksen as part of China’s National Surfing Team. She was very excited for her win, and was quick to give her coach credit when asked for a few words about her winning experience. “First, thanks to my coach for his help so I could win. This contest was really good, I liked it…and also, I love Bali!”, she replied.

Another first time winner was in the 12 and Under Girls Division, Indonesia’s Aura Zeflin. “It was so fun, and the waves were so good, and I can’t believe that I won first place at this Grom Patrol. It’s my first time to get first!,” she exclaimed.

Well coached by his father, Grom Patrol creator Tipi Jabrik, Shia Jabrik narrowly earned his first Grom Patrol win in the 10 and Under Boys Division, actually tying in points with perennial Grom Patrol winner and the pride of Legian Beach Darma Wisesa , but winning on a wave score countback. “I feel really happy to win,” said Shia. “Thank you to my mom and dad and my family, and to Maria and all the cameras and judges and everybody working on Grom Patrol.”

Darma Wisesa may have come in second in the 10 and Under Division, but he went on to convincingly win first place in the 12 and Under Division, posting the highest single wave score of any of the finals, an excellent 8.83 (out of a possible 10 points). “I’m so happy that I can win, that I got that 8.83 point wave in the final, I want to thank all my friends for their support, my sponsor, and especially my dad, thanks to all!” said Darma

And speaking of support, the ASC thanks Mamaka by Ovolo as well as Vans Indonesia for their consistent contributions to surfing in Bali.

“This is the second year in a row that Mamaka has been supporting the Grom Patrol,” said Mamaka’s GM Joel Bartlett. “For us it’s all about giving back to the community and supporting the kids, the up and coming surfers of Indonesia. It has been a fantastic two days at the beach here in Kuta, and finishing with the awarding party up at Mamaka’s rooftop Kuta Social Club. It was amazing the number of groms that took part in the event, around 130 were registered. I hope that we can continue to build Kuta up as a surfing destination and get more kids involved in the sport, especially Indonesian kids, because it’s a really fantastic opportunity to get out and meet new people and later build a career in surfing.”

After the Awarding celebration at Mamaka’s Rooftop Kuta Social Club, Grom Patrol creator and ASC Director Tipi Jabrik had this to say about the event: “This is the biggest Grom Patrol we’ve ever had, 136 kids, 8 divisions, and the waves were really good. It was non-stop action for two days here at Kuta Beach, and looking around the beach we saw the kids and their parents everywhere were really excited and happy. We really want to continue to grow this Grom Patrolseries, and hopefully we can soon see Grom Patrol events outside of Bali like in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and other places around Asia.”

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Grom Patrol Competition Results:

16 and Under Boys
1. Dylan Wilcoxen
2. Westen Hirst
3. Natan Johannes
4. Made Balon
5. Riki Uemura
6. Theo Radcliffe

16 and Under Girls
1. Yu Yan
2. Hanasuri Jabrik
3. Hikari Yoshida
4. Putu Yuni

14 and Under Boys
1. Philip Duke
2. Dylan Wilcoxen
3. Made Balon
4. Aditya Somiya
5. Rajo Saputra
6. Natan Johannes

14 and Under Girls
1. Marshanda Nikijuluw
2. Nala Wedatari Rabik
3. Paris Nalendra
4. Imari Hearn
5. Jasmine Studer

12 and Under Boys
1. Gede Darma Wisesa
2. Riki Uemura
3. King Nicol
4. Rocco Rigliaco
5. Jaya Suhendra
6. Wayan Navarang Apta Nata

12 and Under Girls
1. Aura Zeflin
2. Tasia Belyaeva
3. Paris Nalendra
4. Jirapat C

10 and Under Boys
1. Shia Jabrik
2. Gede Darma Wisesa
3. Wayan Navarang Apta Nata
4. Bagus Gede Vijaya
5. Jaya Suhendra
6. Alexander Smirnov

10 and Under Girls
1. Monster Chong
2. Jirapat C
3. Fiona Fuante
4. Arya Griffin