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Liga Surfing Indonesia Season Two Officially Begins This Weekend

15 April 2022-Kuta, Bali:  The Asian Surfing Cooperative (ASC) and Persatuan Selancar Ombak Indonesia (PSOI) are excited to announce the official beginning of the second season of Liga Surfing Indonesia (LSI), Asia’s first national surfing league, coming up this weekend from 16-17 April.  17 clubs from across Indonesia, from West Java to Rote Island, have registered and […]

ISA International Judging and Officiating Course to be held in Bali from 17-18 June

17 May 2019, Kuta-Bali, Indonesia: The PSOI (Persatuan Selancar Ombak Indonesia) in cooperation with the International Surfing Association (ISA) and the ASC are excited to offer the ISA International Judging and Officiating Course from 17-18 June to both aspiring and currently certified judges here on the beautiful island of Bali. The ISA International Judging and […]