Monday, September 7, 2020: It wasn’t really a contest, although there was a Padma Boys tent on the beach, a green and a red flag, a horn, some colored shirts and a few judges under the tent and surfers paddling out for their 15 minute heats just like at a contest, but when the two rounds of heats ended nobody seemed to mention or care much about who won and what were the prizes… because everyone that showed up at Padma Beach on Sunday for the Padma Boys Family Day got prizes!

Bintang Beer and Babi Guling, with a few roast chickens and shots of Arak thrown in for good measure, along with an abundance of smiles, laughs and stories were the prizes shared by one and all. In these testing times, it’s always the surfing communities like the Padma Boys that prove the resilience of the human spirit, and that time spent at the beach with a group of your friends is really how life is meant to be lived.

Oh, and about the surfing? There were two rounds of non-elimination heats, where the surfer with the two highest scoring waves at the end of the two rounds was in first place…but there was no winner’s presentation, not chairing a surfer up the beach, and I can’t even recall anybody asking or talking about who won….they were all way too interested in either helping or watching the food being prepared and having a few drinks!


But if anybody does ask, Darmaputra Tonjo did get the two highest scores.


1. Darmaputra Tonjo: 6.5, 8.5 = 15

2. Blacky: 6.0, 7.3 = 13.33

3. Darmayasa Blerong: 6.9, 6.0 = 12.9

4. Corox: 6.3, 6.33 = 12.63

5. Sowet: 6.0, 6.5 = 12.5

6. Sandi Slamet: 6.03, 6.43 = 12.46

7. Daniel Amar: 6.0, 6.33 = 12.33

8. Rizky Eka: 4.76, 6.6 = 11.36

9. Made Joy: 6.53, 4,83 = 11.36

10. Dylan Amar: 6.16, 5.0 = 11.16