8 May 2019, Bali – Indonesia: REnextop Entertainment together with the Asian Surf Cooperative (ASC) and the Padma Boys are excited to announce that Padma Beach in Legian will be the first stop of the third season of the REnextop Asian Surfing Tour (RAST), China’s first and only international surfing series,which will see an exciting field of both shortboard and longboard surfers coming to Bali to compete in RAST #1 from 19-22 June, 2019.

The RAST Tour for 2019 will now embark on its 3rd year of surfing and traveling around Asia, embracing the passion and stoke of surfing, together with the adventure of traveling to new places and making new friends.

Last year saw the RAST 2018 series starting off in Bali at Kuta Beach for RAST #1 before heading to Patong Beach in Thailand for RAST #2, then finishing up in Cherating, Malaysia for RAST #3, crowning both event and series champions for an exciting conclusion to the second year of RAST series. The 2018 RAST Tour was a great success, with all of the participants gaining a lot of new experience from traveling to different countries and surfing different waves.

This year will see the series start again in Bali, but this time just north from Kuta Beach at Padma Beach, which will provide another quality beach break for the shortboard and longboard competitors joining the RAST tour.

There will be over $10,000 USD in prize money spread across the Men’s and Women’s, Shortboard and Longboard divisions, with entries limited as follows:

Men’s Shortboard = 48
Men’s Longboard = 24
Women’s Shortboard = 24
Women’s Longboard = 24

New for this year is FREE REGISTRATION at the Padma, Bali event for any surfer who competed in all three RAST events last year!

Otherwise, entry fees are $50 for each of the Men’s Divisions, and $30 for each of the Women’s Divisions.

Please follow this link to register for the RAST #1 Padma Beach, Bali event:


There will be a new stop in the 2019 RAST tour, which will definitely be a highlight in the 2019 series. The next stop of the RAST tour will be at Covelong Point in India, from 22-25 August as part of the annual Covelong Point Surf, Music and Yoga Festival. It’s a real cultural experience along with a surfing event, with a right-hand point break offering up fun waves for all levels of competitors. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

RAST’s creator and host company REnextop is also the exclusive authorized partner of ESPN for X GAMES CHINA, and together they’ll co-create the 1st X GAMES China in Shanghai on June 1-2. Please tune in and check it out. They are also looking forward to the possibility of a partnership in surfing in the future.

Terry – Event Director
Email: yuchen@renextop.com
Phone: +8618561658075
Address: 707, Building No. 1, No 283 West Jianguo Road
Shangai, China

Asian Surf Cooperative
Tim Hain – Media and Event Development
Email: timh@asiansurf.co
Phone/WhatsApp: +628123606674
Bali, Indonesia

The RAST #1 Padma Beach event is sponsored by REnextop and supported by the Asian Surfing Cooperative and the Padma Boys Boardriders.

About the REnextop Asian Surfing Tour (RAST)

RAST was founded in 2016 by the leading Chinese extreme sports entertainment platform REnextop, in cooperation with partner ASC. Since then, the RAST tour has become one of the top surfing tournament series that is enabling Asian surfers to compete and communicate with each other. Event though it’s a tournament, surfers from all over Asia are still able to compete in a friendly environment, meet others with the same passion and visit amazing surfing spots while experiencing the local culture. Asia is a big region, and RAST will keep finding more new places and grow along with its members and the surfing scene in Asia

REnextop is a leading Chinese Extreme Sports Entertainment platform. Its main business includes athlete management, sports IP development and operation, sports video production, events and competitions, sports e-business, sports themed parks and the planning and operation of event locations. It has signed multiple talented athletes and influencers from China and abroad. REnextop is the hosting entity for ESPN’s X Games in China.

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About the Asian Surf Cooperative (ASC)

The Asian Surf Cooperative is a professional surfing organization with 14 years of experience in the organizing, managing and supporting surfing events around the Asian region, from local boardriders club competitions to WSL World Championship Tour events.

The Asian Surf Cooperative provides event management, live scoring, ISA certified judges, contest directors, digital photography and videography, event media packages, rankings, media coverage and distribution, and also assists the ISA in organizing Surf and SUP Instructor and International Judging courses.

From local grassroots boardriders and grommet (junior) events to specialty and WCT events, the ASC’s purpose and goal remains the same: To grow the sport of surfing in the Asian region by offering reliable and consistent resources and assistance to both small and large organizations who are helping to make Asia’s surfing athlete’s dreams come true.