The Asian Surf Cooperative (ASC) is delighted to announce that all PSOI (Persatuan Selancar Ombok Indonesia) events around the Bali area in 2019 will now be provided with access to the LiveHeats Contest Management and Live Scoring system, courtesy of Red Bull.

Bali has long been a very popular surfing destination for foreign surfers, who come to surf arguably some of the most consistent and perfect waves in the world, and as a result the Balinese surfers as well as other surfers from different parts of Indonesia have taken up surfing and many have become professional surfers due in part by the ASC and the ISC before it and support from Bali-based surf brands.

Until recently the PSOI received virtually no support from the Indonesian government, who focused their resources on mainstream sports and considered surfing more of a hobby. But with surfing being added to the 2020 Olympics in Japan, there has now been increased movement towards supporting Indonesian surfers, so the PSOI is actively working to give Indonesian surfers the most opportunities possible to hone their skills towards becoming skilled professionals.

Influenced by Australia’s famous boardriders club system, Bali and other parts of Indonesia have adopted this in their surf communities as well, as it allows for very young surfers to be introduced to instruction, camaraderie, and competition together with their friends and the older more experienced surfers.

LiveHeats provides contest management and live scoring to boardsport communities around the world, and is used and trusted by over 150 clubs and associations including the Asian Surf Cooperative (ASC) based in Bali.

The software provides online registration, automated heat draws, and live scoring which can be followed by competitors, spectators, friends and family on their own devices such as tablets and smartphones. The scores are called out by the beach commentator during each heat of competition, allowing the surfer to know the scores that judges are giving them as well as what scores their competitors are receiving. This information is what they need in order to decide what waves to choose, what maneuvers to try, and also how much time is remaining in their heat for example.

This is critical for the education and training of a competitive surfers, and thanks to Red Bull, all PSOI sanctioned surfing events in the Bali area in 2019 will be offered the LiveHeats system for use at no cost. “We are extremely happy and thankful to Red Bull for their support of our growing surfing communities this year,” said PSOI President Arya Subyakto. “With the recognition of surfing as a real professional sport here in Indonesia, we want to give our surfers the best chance to become pro surfers but utilizing tools like LiveHeats that will really help them. Starting from the junior level and on to up to the opens, all will benefit from using this program. Education is really the key to success, so I’m really excited about the new focus on surfing and looking forward to some great results in the future,” concluded Subyakto.

The future of Indonesian surfing is very bright, with lots of young boys and girls exhibiting great potential for having careers as pro surfers and also careers in the surfing industry, and thanks to Red Bull and the PSOI in cooperation with the ASC and Live Heats, their dreams are one step closer to becoming a reality.

For more information please contact Tom Chaminade at ASC at or on WhatsApp at +6281338682586

Attached Photos: Recent KTR Padang-Padang Youth Surfing Contest using LiveHeats


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