MANOKWARI, West Papua, Indonesia (Thursday, November 30, 2023) – Day 2 of the 2023 Manokwari Pro World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series (QS) 1000 and Pro Junior event saw Semifinalists decided today after running the Pro Junior men’s and women’s Round of 12 and Quarterfinals in the perfect conditions provided by Amban Beach in Manokwari, East Indonesia.

The Asia Region’s number one ranked Pro Junior Woman, Kana Nagashio (JPN), found both the rights and lefts of the A-frame peak to her liking, unleashing her powerful surfing and throwing big spray on her cutbacks all down the length of the first wave of the heat to post an excellent 8.00 score (out of a possible 10). She followed that up with a near-excellent 7.83 on her backhand to earn a heat-high total of 15.83 points (out of a possible 20).

“The waves were so good out there,” Nagashio said. “I didn’t expect to get 8 points for my first wave, but it felt good. I just got some speed up and hit the lip, then made some turns and cutbacks. Then I went on that left, which was also a good one. I even tried to do an air but didn’t quite land it. Hopefully, I can keep going in the event, and next time I’ll land one.”

Also through to the Semifinals is Asia Region’s number two seed, Cocona Kawase (JPN), along with Hanasuri Jabrik (INA) and Jasmine Studer (INA).

In the final heat of the Men’s Quarterfinals, Indonesia’s Westen Hirst (INA) waited patiently and then found the opportunity to display his on-point backhand attack on a perfectly lined-up righthander, smashing out an impressive series of turns for an excellent 8.33 score, the highest single wave score of the day, and then end the heat with the highest combined heat score of the day as well, 15.10 (out of a possible 20 points).

“It was enjoyable out there, just the two of us,” said Hirst. “I didn’t have priority on that wave, and luckily, Theo (Radcliffe) just gave it to me. I had been waiting for a while, as there were some lulls, and Theo had earned a couple of good scores, so I knew I had to wait for a good one. That one was a little double-up, and yeah, it felt really good to be able to do a bunch of turns. I didn’t know it would go that big, but I’m stoked to get a score like that and move into the semis.”

Also moving into the Semifinals with Hirst are fellow Indonesians Made Ariyana (INA) and Made Madendra (INA), along with Japan’s Taki Kanazawa (INA).

The 2023 Manokwari Pro QS 1000 and Pro Junior will run at Amban Beach in West Papua, Indonesia, from November 29 to December 3, 2023. For more information and results, head to or download the free WSL App.

The 2023 Manokwari Pro QS 1000 and Pro Junior are sponsored by the Province of West Papua Tourism Authority.