Sanur, Bali – April 1st, 2024:  Amazing wave conditions greeted the competitors of the Longboard SUP Revolution today, despite an early morning storm battering the Sanur coastline, giving the spectators and athletes a look at double overhead sets with massive walls ideal for big power moves and which resulted in some big wipeouts as well!

A diverse lineup of SUP athletes from around the globe, including Spain, France, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia, gathered first at the beach and then headed out to Oka’s Point in boats to get a front seat view of the action, which began at 9 am with the Over 60’s division and progressed through the highly anticipated Elite Men’s and Women’s heats, then culminated with the Weekend Warriors quarterfinals.

In the Over 60’s repechage heats, the senior athletes put on valiant performances as they tackled the challenging waves at Oka Point. Despite the formidable conditions, 80-year-old Robert Eyre exhibited remarkable courage, fearlessly charging the huge waves to secure a spot in the quarterfinals. Noel Potter approached the heats with a light-hearted attitude, just enjoying the thrill of catching waves. Reflecting on the conditions, Noel remarked, “It’s massive out there, and the best thing I could do is keep paddling and brace myself for the challenge.”

Japan’s Riko Horikoshi made a memorable showing in the Elite Men’s Division, delighting spectators with his flawless rail-to-rail turns and impressive speed. His exceptional performance won him the heat, and when asked for some words he replied, “This is my first time ever in a SUP competition, and I am so happy to be able to advance to the next heat. The conditions are perfect and gave me lots of opportunity to execute my rail-to-rail transitions. I am also happy to be able to bounce back after not performing well in my first heat.”

Riki Horikoshi / Photo By Scotts

As the tide rose, the size of the waves continued to increase, posing some challenges for the Weekend Warriors’ men’s quarterfinals. Aston Rofik snapped his leash and broke his board, ending his hopes for a run to the finals, despite surfing very well in previous heats. Similarly, Tai Liu endured a long hold-down when he lost his board during a big set. Fortunately, he managed to progress to the semifinals despite the ordeal.

With the forecast showing slightly smaller conditions, Finals Day is going to epic, when the best of the best will compete and winners will be crowned. Stay tuned to see who will be the champions of the Longboard SUP Revolution 2024.


About the Asian Surf Cooperative:

The Asian Surf Cooperative is a professional surfing organisation with two decades of experience in organising, managing and supporting surfing events around the Asian region, from local boardriders club competitions to WSL World Championship Tour events.

The Asian Surf Cooperative provides event management, live scoring, ISA certified judges, contest directors, digital photography and videography, event media packages, rankings, media coverage and distribution, and also assists the ISA in organising Surf and SUP Instructor and International Judging courses.

About The Longboard SUP Revolution:

The LSR is a movement that started in Australia with a mission to promote and add a 10ft SUP longboard division to all SUP competitions throughout the country. Michael Jenkins is the brainchild behind the LSR movement and is always speaking with surfing organisations, clubs and communities to push this category of SUP forward. His unwavering devotion to the cause has seen its success throughout Australia. There are now 10ft divisions at the club level right through to the national titles, with multiple age categories for both men and women. The Facebook group has a strong following with over 6,000 members from across the world.