Jakarta 17 January 2023 – The Executive Board of the Indonesian Surfing Wave Association has concluded holding a National Conference (Munas) on Tuesday 17 January 2023. The agenda for the National Conference is the election of the General Chair. As a result, Pandu Sjahrir was elected by acclamation to lead PB PSOI for the 2023-2027 period

Pandu will replace Arya Sena Subyakto, who had led the Surfing Sports Association long before officially becoming a KONI member on February 25, 2021. “With all humility and gratitude, I accept the mandate of this National Conference which is in the form of a noble task, namely to become the General Chairperson of PB PSOI for the 2023-2027 term,” Pandu said after being elected as General Chairperson of PB PSOI in Jakarta, Tuesday ( 17/01/2023).

Next, Pandu will make short-term, medium-term and long-term work plans. He ensured that the work plan he compiled would always be oriented towards the advancement of wave surfing in Indonesia. “The main target is socialization. We hope that more and more people will know, appreciate and support this sport. I will also examine the obstacles faced by the region because this is where the best seeds for surfing are produced. I aspire that this sport can be known and enjoyed as a sport that never looks at caste but still contributes medals in every championship,” said Pandu.

“PSOI must try to meet the expectations of the community so that Indonesian surfing athletes can occupy respectable positions at the regional and international levels,” Pandu stressed. Meanwhile, Arya Sena Subyakto himself hoped that Pandu could continue and develop PB PSOI even better. Arya believes Pandu can bring PSOI beyond what he has done.

“Pandu has extensive relations with the government and stakeholders. He pays so much attention to surfing that we believe we voted for him. That’s what made me believe in handing over the baton to Pandu and hopefully he can be better than me,” said Arya, who founded PSOI since 2008 and has served as General Chair since 2012. PSOI was founded in 2008 and is managed by people who are already familiar. in the Indonesian surfing world. They are Arya Subyakto and Tipi Jabrik, who have started the Indonesian Surfing Championship (ISC) since 2001. Even though surfing competitions between countries such as the Asian Beach Games are no longer being held, PSOI and the athletes under its guidance still continue to participate in single event championships until now. The activities and achievements of PSOI, ISC or ASC cannot be separated. Limited attention and financial assistance from the government forced the administrators to rack their brains and be creative to organize championships to continue to maintain and improve the quality of surfing in Indonesia.

ISC/ASC became a private legal entity that has been running surfing championships in Indonesia since 2001. The existence of surfing championships in Indonesia is of course an achievement belonging to PSOI which has been managed by the same people.

Source: www.viva.co.id