Coolangatta, QLD, AUS (Saturday, August 31, 2019) – The So Sri Lanka Pro professional surf event, set for the magnificent surf at Arugam Bay in late September has been extremely well received by professional surfers from all over the world.

With entries still coming in, already around 70 surfers from 18 nations have entered the event.
The list of nationalities up to now includes Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Belgium, USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Canada, Argentina, France, South Africa, Great Britain, Chile and of course Sri Lanka!

“It is fantastic to see so many different nationalities already entered into the So Sri Lanka Pro” said Will Hayden-Smith the WSL Contest Director for the event. “The event is extremely important for all these surfers with essential qualification points aligned to the world rankings. With great waves also very likely to greet these surfers they have shown their approval for the event with entries coming in from all over the world.”

Many of these surfers are very well known within the world professional surfing ranks and many are serious contenders to represent their nations in next years 2020 Japan Olympic Games, where surfing makes its Olympic debut.

One such surfer is the fast emerging Rio Waida from Indonesia. The powerful youngster placed 3rd in the WSL World Junior Championships in 2018 and he is already identified as future star of the sport.

“I am very excited to be coming to Sri Lanka for this great event” said Waida. “I’ve heard great things about the waves in Sri Lanka and it is always fantastic for us to have the opportunity to compete in quality surf – I can’t wait!”

The So Sri Lanka Pro 2019 will also play as a huge opportunity for some of the local surfers to take on the international professionals as wildcards in the event. This opportunity is something that has been made possible through the WSL and the Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka.

The So Sri Lanka Pro 2019 Men’s QS3,000 will run from September 25-29. Head to or the WSL App for more information. Click here for more information on Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.
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