19 June 2024, Afulu, North Nias: Men’s Round 2 and the Quarterfinals were completed today at Turedawola, deciding the Semifinalists who will compete in the Final tomorrow.  The morning started with great 2-3 foot glassy waves, a few connecting all the way to the inside and a few barrels on offer , but became more inconsistent and the wind picked up, limiting the scoring potential but the best conditions were in the first few heats.

Last year’s North Nias International champion Made Pajar Ariyana left no question that he’s on target to repeat his win again this year, posting two excellent scores of an 8.0 (out of a possible 10) and then an 8.83 for taking off on the point and getting barreled 3 times on the same wave in the first heat of the morning, to score a total of 16.83 points (out of a possible 20).

Pajar Ariyana in the barrels  / Photo By Tim Hain

His Balinese compatriot and fellow goofyfooter Mega Artana put up the next highest total heat score of a 13.17 (out of a possible 20) in Heat 5, looking like he would be on track to meet up with Ariyana in the Final.  But unfortunately he was knocked out in Quarterfinal 3, so will sit on the sidelines tomorrow.

Mega Artana Putting a great show, but knock out in quarterfinal 3/ Photo By Tim Hain

Yesterday’s top scorer Gene Hardy from Australia was also knocked out of the event today, so he will be cheering on his daughters tomorrow from the beach.


Tomorrow’s competition will start off with the Men’s Semifinal:

Semifinal 1:  Made Pajar Ariyana (IDN) vs Theo Radcliffe (UK) vs Yoza Zagoto (IDN)

Semifinal 2:  Made Joi Satriawan (IDN) vs Oney Anwar (IDN) vs Made Dera Diki Mahendra


Women’s Finals:

Final:  Jasmine Studer (IDN), Willow Hardy (AUS), Olive Hardy (AUS), Maria Simon (IDN)

It will be the final day of the North Nias International Surfing competition tomorrow, which will see the event closed with an awarding and closing ceremony at the event site.


For the event schedule and heat draw on Live Heats by clicking this link:


The competitors have been told to arrive at the beach by no later than 7 am, and prepare for a 7:30 am start to competition.

The North Nias International Surfing Competition is sponsored by the North Nias Regency and organized by the Persatuan Selancar Ombak Indonesia (PSOI) with media production by the Asian Surf Cooperative (ASC)