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Halfway Kuta Boardriders

Legian Boardriders

Uluwatu Boardriders

Bingin Boardriders

Denpasar Boardriders

Lembongan Surf Team

Pererenan Surfing Club

Carita Surfing Club

Medewi Boardriders

Rote Island surf community

Senggigi Boardriders

Lakeypeak Boardriders

Mandalika Boardriders

West Sumbawa Boardriders

East Coast Corner Boardriders

Pangandaran Batu Mandi Surfing Club
West Java

Tukik Anyer Surf Sailing

About LSI


The LSI is a series of Surf Club events ending with a Grand Final where the top ranked surfers from the participating Surf Clubs compete against each other in a year-end championship event for cash, prizes and ranking position. The LSI is fully supported by PB PSOI as an annual event.

The ASC manages the LSI and the Grand Final, assisting the Surf Clubs in running their events while using LiveHeats and all its features to organize results and rankings.

The LSI is an annual championship series created to support surf clubs and their members. The goal is the formation of strong Surf Clubs capable of hosting surf club events and training their own member athletes, thus creating a sustainable pathway for the growth of the the sport of surfing in Indonesia.

With LiveHeats and their database program, the ASC was first able to develop the LSI in Bali, then widening its member participation to other areas around the Indonesian archipelago.



  • Consistent cooperation from all of Indonesia’s Surf Clubs
  • Strengthening Surf Clubs by helping them run their clubs and manage their members
  • Guiding and assisting the Surf Clubs in creating competitive surf lanes for their members
  • Create, develop and maintain an LSI database
  • Grow the LSI to be profitable through sponsorship and other support


Participating Surf Clubs:

  1. Kuta
  2. Legian
  3. Pererenan
  4. Canggu
  5. Bingin
  6. Medewi
  7. Sanur Denpasar Boardriders
  8. Uluwatu
  9. Lembongan
  10. Sukabumi
  11. Rocks
  12. West Sumbawa
  13. Mandalika
  14. Senggigi
  15. Lakey Peak
  16. East Cost Corner Boardriders
  17. Carita Surfing Club
  18. Pangandaran Batu Mandi Surfing Club
  19. Tuki Anyer Surf and Sailing


Managing Surf Clubs with LiveHeats

LiveHeats has added new features that support Surf Clubs including:

  • Providing guidance on how to manage Surf Clubs
  • Create and manage membership through the system
  • Events with computer scoring system
  • Surfer and Surf Club Ranking



Each Surf Club may have up to 6 divisions:

  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • Masters above 35 years old (not allowed to take part in the Open Division)
  • U16 Boys (may participate in the Open Men’s Division)
  • U16 Girls (may participate in the Open Women’s Division)
  • Push-in division (U10) with assistance allowed

In the Grand Final a Team Division is added:

  • Team Division: 5 surfers, must include 1 Woman (Open or Junior) + 1 Junior Boy or Girl + 1 Master



  • Surf Club Individual Events: Each event will run an ASC approved heat draw format, according to the number of participants in each division. The Surf Club will fill and run the draw with their entries and manage the progression.
  • Grand Final: The ASC will determine the location of the Grand Final each year and run the event with its own technical team.



  • To participate in the LSI, a club must have members in at least 3 divisions: Push in / Juniors (Boys and Girls) / Open (Men/Women).
  • Each Surf Club must run at least 5 events (these are internal events with only their members).
  • After their 5 events are completed, they are eligible to participate in the Grand Final Event along with the other Surf Clubs who have completed their 5 events. Each Surf Club may bring only their 4 top ranked surfers from each division (determined by their LiveHeats ranking).



  1. Masters = 35 years and older (Born in 1986 or earlier)
  2. Open = All ages (excluding Pushing)
  3. Junior = 16 years and under (Born in 2005 or later)
  4. Pushing = 10 years and under (Born in 2011 or later)



Sustainable youth and sports program → educating rural youth through sports and discipline with an annual surfing program.

Strengthening Surf Clubs by giving them direction, opportunity and assistance with how to acquire funding.

Developing community-based programs such as lifesaving, swimming, beach cleaning, tree planting, and environmental education/awareness.



Surf Club events will be managed by the Surf Club itself.  The ASC will not supply judges, scoring systems or any equipment. The ASC will help prepare LiveHeats for their first competition and help to train a person at the club to operate LiveHeats. All Surf Club events MUST be run via LiveHeats otherwise they will not be recognized as having been completed.

The Grand Final Event: will be run in partnership with ASC and the Surf Clubs, where each eligible Surf Club will bring their own tent, team and supporters. Each division will receive prize money except for the Push In and U16 divisions, which will receive prizes from sponsors.


Tipi Jabrik

LSI director
M: 08113923777

Tom Chaminade
LSI Events Manager
M: 0404 521 583

LSI Competition operator and LiveHeats
M: 08176467102

Tim Hain

LSI Media Manager
M: 08123606674


2023 Calender
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