Kaur, Benkulu, Sumatra:  Latif from Carita (Banten) took first place in the Open Division, while Cikal from Lampung won the Local Division on Sunday 30 August to close out the Kaur Surf Competition/Bupati Cup that took place from 28-30 August at Kaur, a regency in the Bengkulu Province of Sumatra.


Organized by the Kaur Surf Family with assistance from regional PSOI (Persatuan Selancar Ombak Indonesia) members Harry Algamar, Fahri Mak I and Timo Pramulya, the event was attended by surfers from PSOI Banten (Carita Boys), PBSA Krui,  KSF Lokal, Bengkulu Surf,  TPSC, Beraso, PSOI Bengkulu,  PSOI Kota Padang and Mentawai.


The waves were pumping with the right hander offering up perfect long walls and the occasional barrel section to give the competitors a chance to show off their best surfing, and give the audience an opportunity to see some excellent performances from their local surfers as well as those that travelled to Kaur from other parts of Sumatra for this regional competition.


The Kaur Surf Competition was supported by the Regency of Kaur, Kaur Regent Gusril Pausi Sos. MAP, the Kaur Police Department,  the Navy,  Evolution, Boss Sony,  Bank Bengkulu, Substance, Ratu Bagus, K Hotel, Board of Tourism Bengkulu, and Dua Putra Perkasa.



Open Division

  1. Latif – Carita Boys (PSOI Banten)
  2. Doni Partop – BISC (PSOI Kota Padang)
  3. Yzrel – Katiet Mentawai (PSOI Sumbar)
  4. Noval – PBSA


Local Division

  1. Cikal – PBSA
  2. Altin – KSF (PSOI Bengkulu)
  3. Agung Dapitra – BISC (PSOI Kota Padang)
  4. Arwis – PBSA