The Asian Surf Co congratulates Swede-Brazilian Bali expat Kian Martin as the winner of the inaugural ASC Lock Down Video Clip Battle that ran from April 23-30 on LiveHeat’s new Clippero one-line video challenge platform.  Kian with his crazy Desert Point barrel clip and his turn-to-air combination at Yo-Yos tallied up a total score of 16.50 points (out of a possible 20) for the win.  He received the grand prize of Rp 2,000,000 in cash and some ASC merchandise and the distinction of being the first ever ASC Lock Down Video Clip Battle winner.

“This is definitely the highlight of my year so far,” said Kian. “I’ve never done an online comp like this before, so when I saw it pop up on my feed I thought, ‘why not?’ and started going through my clips and chose those two.  But I kept seeing so many good clips stacking up from the local legends, the Bali boys that I’ve grown up surfing with, so I didn’t have very high expectations really.  So when I woke up that one morning and saw the news I was super happy, like it was the biggest thing that’s happened to me this year!”

“It was so fun, and I think everybody really enjoyed it, so I hope the ASC keeps up doing it more and keeps coming up with some new challenges…I know I’m ready, so let’s see what the next one will be!”

A total of 52 submissions from 26 surfers representing countries including Indonesia, the Philippines and the Maldives were received, with Indonesia’s Justin Buulolo coming in second with a total score of 16.06 points for an amazing barrel clip and a series of blistering turns at his home break of Lagundri Bay, Nias, and in third spot was Bali’s Nyoman “Blacky” Satria with his deep Padma barrel and then turn and air combo at Canggu for a 15.96 point total.

A special prize from Single Fin for the best women’s performance goes to Bali’s Pua Johnson for her dreamy freight train Desert Point barrel clip.

With many beaches around the world locked down, Bali’s beaches included, ASC’s Tipi Jabrik decided that this would be a good way to distract us from that painful reality and came up with the ASC Lock Down Video Clip Battle to occupy surfers and surf fans alike until the beaches get opened back up and everyone can get out there and surf again.

“I got the idea when LiveHeats announced their new Clippero platform, and as they are one of our partners I wanted to show our support from the Asian Region by using it here during this unfortunate time as we can’t do live events,” said Jabrik.  “And the results were quite amazing as we had entries from not only Indonesia but the Maldives and the Philippines  as well.  So we’re going to keep doing it and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more surfers from other Asian surf destinations joining in.”

Judging the submissions were the ASC’s Tipi Jabrik, past Indonesian champion pro surfer Dede Suryana, and SurfTime Magazine’s Matt George.

SurfTime Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Matt George was delighted to be asked to sit on the judging panel, and after he had this to say, “”With this Lock Down Video Clip Battle, the ASC proved once again that the well-being of Asian surfing and its surfers is foremost on their mind”.

“Modern in its digital approach, judging the LVCB online was challenging. The free surfing format, allowing different waves in different countries, might have eliminated the pressures of on-the-spot scores, but in turn demanded a more analytical approach. In many ways it felt like good training for both the surfers and us judges”

“The fun of it was the energy of the thing. Watching it unfold online. Surfers jockeying for position as each judges score dropped. And the clips? From very amateur to very cinematic were a joy to watch. The ASC competitive vibe was very much in everybody’s room. I can’t wait for the next LVCB. I think the surfers are going to be taking it very seriously. I know I will”.

Check out all the clips, rules, and leaderboard at

1st place Kian Martin receives RP 2 million cash, ASC merchandise, and Belly mags

2nd place Justin Buulolo receives an apparel pack (2 t-shirts, towel, shorts) from Chilli Surfboards

3rd place Nyoman Satria receives Belly mags and from Surftime, mags, board grip, hat, and t-shirt

Pua Johnson receives a credit voucher for Rp 500,000 from Single Fin in the Special Prize category

The Lock Down Video Clip Battle was brought to you by the Asian Surf Cooperative @asiansurfco, Live Heats @live_heats, Chilli Surfboards @chilli_surfboards_bali, Single Fin @singlefinbali, Belly @bellymag, and Surftime @surftime_magazine

Stay tuned to @asiansurfco for the next Lock Down Video Clip Battle coming your way soon!