Slater enjoys Ulus and ready to roam the archipelago with Strider.

Ahh wouldn’t it be nice (as the Beach Boys sang) to have the freedom to roam the globe like Kelly Slater? A snippet from Strider Wasilewski’s Instagram story, today revealed Kelly was kicking back on the cliff-tops of Uluwatu in Bali.

Captured by Strider heading out for a surf, Kelly comments, ‘I’m going to spend the day in the barrel.’ In the next story clip, the lineup is overrun by an armada of jet-skis, manned by wayward drivers. As the Jet-skis crash and burn a cackling Strider ponders the plight of Slater who is out in the water.

Despite an official advisory against travelling to Bali or Indonesia, it seems Kelly has found a magic carpet into the Island of the Gods. Perhaps he has been there for some time, staying under the radar. Now before you jump on the bandwagon and start bagging him, ask yourself – If you were the eleven-time world champion and had a few hook-ups would you not consider flying to the most wave-rich zone in the world? Particularly when the crowds were at an all-time low?

Kelly got plenty of attention while he was in OZ for the early stages of COVID, making the mainstream news for a session at Avalon and surprising a few locals when he popped up at a celebrated South Coast slab. Kelly then returned to California to compete in the heavily panned Rumble at The Ranch, but now it seems he has settled on Bali as the location to ride out the Pandemic.

No doubt we will soon see Slater action emerging. His friend and chronicler Strider has been posted up at Ulus for some time. The Was’s instagram indicates he made a hit and run mission to G-land in the last couple of days aboard Troy Sinclair’s new fast-boat. Tracks spoke to Troy about his thoughts on COVID in Indo a little while back. At the time the owner of Batu Karang resort on Nusa Lembongan was very excited about the speed of his new craft and its capacity to get to G-land, Deserts and Supersuck in very short periods of time.

It’s not a big stretch to imagine that Kelly will soon be at liberty to roam the Indo archipelago with access to one of the fastest boats in the region. Sure sounds better than being in a Melbourne lockdown.