7 June 2023, Kuta-Bali: After a pandemic induced 3 year hiatus, the PSOI (Persatuan Selancar Ombak Indonesia) and the ASC (Asian Surf Cooperative) were finally able to again offer ISA Surf Instructor and Judging courses in Bali, held at the Mamaka by Ovolo Resort in Kuta, Bali from 28 May to 2 June.

The ISA Surf Level 1 Instructor Course attracted 15 participants, 13 from Indonesia, 1 from Denmark and 1 from Malaysia, and took place from 28-29 May with Jonni Deaker as the ISA Presenter assisted by Kadek Sukayasa and Febrie Ardianto who are in Presenter Training.

“We had a great group of students for this class, with a wide variety of experience which is great, as they can share their experiences” said Deaker. He went on to share, “The reason I became an ISA Presenter is that I really love coaching surfing. Having worked for years with the ISA, putting on and running courses, I know it’s a thorough and professional program, so I want to help develop a core group of Indonesian instructors and presenters that can not only teach the ISA program here in Indonesia but also can travel around Asia teaching in other countries that have emerging surf communities.”

Dede Suryana from West Java is a pro surfer, past Indonesian Champion, and has both a surf school and a surf shop. Asked why he chose to take the course he replied, “I came to learn how to teach in the proper way, as the most important thing for me as a teacher is that the people I teach are happy and safe. And that they leave the beach with more knowledge, so they can enjoy surfing in the best way. As the ISA is the top organization in the world for teaching, this is the best place to learn to teach properly. Of course as a pro surfer I have my own experience of how to teach, but I also know I can learn how to improve by taking this course. I hope I can share how to properly teach and educate my students, so everyone has a good time and are safe in the water.”

The ISA has a new online course called the Judging E-Learning Course, which is an introduction to judging program and a requirement for those who want to take the more intensive Judging and Officiating Course, so it was done in a group setting on Day 1. 24 participants joined the E-Learning Course, and they all went on to take the Judging and Officiating Course along with another participant on Day 2 for a total of 25. The majority were from Indonesia, but there were also participants from Thailand, Korea, Singapore, and the Ukraine.

Teaching the course was ISA Presenter Mark Clift from Western Australia, who has previously taught judging courses here in Indonesian and has been a judge and surf instructor in Western Australia for over 30 years. He spends at least half of every year in Indonesia, helping out at events and providing both formal and informal instruction in the surf community.

“This was a great crew to spend a few days with, in the classroom and out on the beach as well,” said Clift. “It was cool to see some of Bali’s best surfers getting into it and stepping into a new role of officiating at events. Many areas and regions joining in made it very diverse and fun. I think the shadow judging was a humbling experience for most as it is very different from regular short board judging. The questions asked were to be expected and I’m sure everyone person involved learned a lot from that, and now have a new appreciation of top level long boarding. Thanks everyone for being awesome to work with.”

The course participants got an opportunity to shadow judge at the WSL PADROL Longboard Classic LQS over the two day event and included pro surfers Made “Garut” Widiarta, Raditya Rondi, Made “Awan” Wirawan, Muklis Anwar and others.

“The goal of these programs is two-fold,” says PSOI Secretary General and ASC Director Tipi Jabrik. “First is to ensure that the next generation of our surfers have the knowledge to teach properly and become good ambassadors for the sport, and equally important is for the current generation of surfers to share their knowledge and experience by contributing to the sport as instructors, coaches and judges. Together with the ISA we will continue to offer more courses and opportunities here in Indonesia, and in other Asian countries wherever we can help out.”

The Bali ISA Surf Instructor and Judging and Officiating courses were organized by the Asian Surf Cooperative under the authority of the ISA and the PSOI.

About the ASC:

The Asian Surf Cooperative is a professional surfing organization with 18 years of experience in organizing, managing and supporting surfing events around the Asian region, from local boardriders club competitions to World Surf League World Championship Tour events.

The ASC’s mission is to grow the sport of surfing in the Asian region by offering reliable and consistent resources and assistance to both small and large organizations as they work to progress the sport and their surfing athletes, including consulting and management, live computer scoring, certified judges and professional staffing, event media packages, athlete management, and site surveys, as well as ISA surf instructor and judging/officiating programs.

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