12 January 2024, Desaru-Malaysia: The Asian Surf Cooperative and JomSurf are proud to announce the completion of the ISA Surf Instructor Level 1 program that took place in Desaru, Malaysia from 3-8 January, 2024.

This surf instructor training course was the first of its kind to be held in Malaysia, and included a one-day Surf Rescue/Ocean Water Safety course at Tanjung Balau, the two-day ISA Surf Level 1 Instructor course at the Aman Sari Hotel Desaru, and three days of Practical Surf Lesson teaching at Tanjung Balau beach.

The course attracted 18 participants (all based in Malaysia with the majority being Malaysian nationals) and was taught by Jonni (Morrison) Deaker from Bali, Indonesia as the official ISA Presenter, with the practical sessions held at Tanjung Balau beach in front of the JomSurf surf school beach except for the two day classroom course.

To obtain ISA Level 1 certification, there are three requirements that must be met, and those are: 1) pass an International Lifesaving Association approved Surf/Ocean Rescue course, 2) complete the ISA Surf Instructor course, and 3) Perform 20 hours of practical teaching under the direction of ISA certified instructor. Thus, in order to provide the opportunity for the participants to complete all those requirements in one time period, rather than taking an extended time, the course was organized to achieve that goal with the greatest efficiency. When all the requirements have been met and approved by the ISA, each participant will receive their certificate directly from the ISA.

ISA Course Presenter Jonni (Morrison) Deaker enjoyed the experience and the opportunity, saying, “We had a great group of students for this class, with most of them being current surf instructors with surfing experience so they already had a head start,” said Deaker. “So it was a perfect situation in which to have them learn how to teach the proper ISA way, and then have the practical time teaching to really consolidate what they had learned. The reason I became an ISA Presenter is that I really love teaching surfing, and with the ISA I know it’s a thorough and professional program so I can be confident that these crew now have the knowledge to teach surfing in a safe and proper way, which will have a great impact on their students and set a great example for the rest of the Malaysian surf community to follow.”

Heloise Tan from JomSurf added, “I’m so grateful to the ASC and the ISA for working with us to put on this course. As a surf school manager, I knew it was important to teach properly and safely, and I thought we were, but as myself and my staff were taking the course we learned so much more than what we knew before. Jonni is such a great teacher, with so much experience, it made it easy to learn and put it into practice. We’ve already changed our program as a result, and I hope we can keep doing more of these educational programs here in Malaysia to help us grow the sport of surfing in the proper way.”

The ISA Surf Instructor Level 1 Course was organized by the Asian Surf Cooperative and JomSurf under the authority of the International Surfing Association.

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