25 November 2023, Kuta – Bali: At the end of three challenging and exciting days of competition at the AMMAN Liga Surfing Indonesian Grand Final 2023 presented by BINTANG Crystal, it was the Halfway Kuta Boardriders who claimed multiple victories across divisions on their home beach and ended the day with the Club Challenge championship as well.

In the final day of competition yesterday, where conditions through the day varied from glassy 2-footers at 7 am in the morning until the division finals that were held in onshore windy 1-2 foot waves in the afternoon, the Halfway Kuta Boardriders competitors were not to be outdone. When the final horn blew the end of the competition, they could proudly claim the Under 10 win by Sang Bagus Made Vijaya, the amazing feat of brother and sister duo Dhany Widianto and Dhea Natasha winning both Longboard and Shortboard divisions, also the remarkable victory of Rahtu Suargita in the Masters, and all capped off by an exciting Club Challenge triumph to end the day.

This is the first Liga Surfing Indonesia Grand Final to include a Men’s and Women’s Longboard Division, and Halfway Kuta Boardriders can now boast both Men’s and Women’s Longboard Champions as well as Men’s and Women’s Open (shortboard) Champions

Dhany Widianto and his sister Dhea Natasha are just back from Seoul, South Korea, where they joined the WSL Qualifying Series 3000 and Longboard Qualifying Series events in the WavePark Wavepool event in weather that was completely opposite from hot and humid Bali. In South Korea, competitors were surfing in thick wetsuits, booties, and some even wore gloves the water and air temperatures were so cold.

“It’s really different from last week surfing the wave pool in Korea for sure, where it was very cold and even snowing!,” exclaimed Dhea. “It was a great new experience there and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go, but I’m also very happy to be back surfing here at home in warm water. Even though the wave in Korea was more consistent for competition, I’ll still choose Kuta Beach not matter what the conditions,” she added.

When asked how she managed to win both long and shortboard divisions in such tricky conditions, she replied, “Just go out there and surf, look at the conditions first, then go out and try to find a good wave…that’s all you can do. Fortunately today I found a few good waves… I’ve been training really hard because I want to do well on the WSL QS this year, so I’m really happy to win, big thanks to my family, sponsors, Halfway Kuta Boardriders, PSOI and ASC for all the support!

Her brother Dhany has his own philosophy on his double win, saying “yes the waves conditions were really small, but I saw there were still chances to do a few snaps and try some airs when you could find the good ones, so that’s what happened. I’m really happy to win both longboard and shortboard and that my sister did also, it’s a great day for our family and for our Halfway Kuta Boardriders.

Senior and founding member of the Halfway Kuta Boardriders Rahtu Suargita expressed surprise and amazement in his beach awarding speech to have won the Masters Division, as the last time he remembered winning was the Scar Reef Pro in West Sumbawa back in 2008, which received a big round of applause from the West Sumbawa Surf Club.

“Yes it’s been awhile since I had a win, and it’s such a wonderful feeling,” he said. I didn’t have any expectations other than to come and have fun, and suddenly everything happens…it was like magic. It’s always fun to be out there with guys like Made Awan, Agus, and Agung, it was like the old ISC days. Oh, and a special thanks to Raymond from Made’s Warung…as he loaned me this board with the AU fins. Thanks to everyone, the Universe, the God of the Seas, my ancestors, my seniors, all the boys, all the hard work and all the love, thank you!”

Title sponsor AMMAN Mineral Nusa Tenggara was at Kuta Beach on finals day, represented by Mr. Priyo Pramono, Vice President Social Impact and Mr. Andhi Susanto, Senior Specialist Sustainable Tourism, in support of the West Sumbawa Surfing Club and to witness the exciting conclusion of the event.

Mr. Priyo Pramano gave a short speech at the awarding, during which he said, “Thanks everyone for your time and your participation. Maybe a lot of you don’t know about Amman and what we do so I’ll explain. We are a mining company operating in West Sumbawa and we support the West Sumbawa Surf Club that you can see here. We support surfing as we see it has great potential and we see great results for developing people here in Indonesia. We are working with the ASC and PSOI and hope we can bring an event to West Sumbawa in the future. Congratulations to everyone!”

PSOI Secretary General and ASC Director Tipi Jabrik was also called up to the microphone to give a speech to the audience. “First, thanks to all the officials, the PSOI, the qualified judges, the technical team, Kuta Halfway Boardriders, and everyone who helped to make this Liga Surfing Indonesian event a success,” he said. “And of course thanks to all the surf clubs who have joined this year and performed all their series of events, and to all the surf clubs around Indonesia. Next a big thanks to Amman Mineral, the title sponsor and big supporter of this grand final, who also support the West Sumbawa Surf Club to come to join this event, giving a great example for others to follow to support surfing here in Indonesia. Hopefully Indonesian surfing will keep growing and we can have more surfers like Rio Waida representing Indonesia as professional surfers.”

Rio Waida in person came to the event to support the LSI event and all the boardriders clubs and have photos taken with all his fans, then showed his support by giving away two Sharpeye surfboards to two of the participants; one to Putu Aditya Somiya of Halfway Kuta Boardriders, and one to Raflin Wau from Nias Surfing Association. When asked by MC Nyoman “Blacky” Satria what is purpose was in giving away the surfboards he explained, “I’m doing this because when I was growing up I got a lot of support from people like Tipi (Jabrik), Blacky, Mickey and lots of other Indonesian surfers, so now that I’m 23 years old I thought I should give back to the next generation. I hope in the future I can keep supporting the surfing community and growing the sport here in Indonesia.”

Almost 200 surfers representing 14 surf clubs from around Indonesia joined this third annual Liga Surfing Indonesia Grand Final. The inaugural LSI Grand Final 2021 took place in March of 2022 at Kuta Beach, delayed due to pandemic restrictions, and the LSI Grand Final 2022 was hosted in Pererenan, Canggu. New for this year was the addition of the Men’s and Women’s Longboard divisions, as Indonesia has some of the best longboard talent in Asia and the LSI want to broaden the exposure and nurture new longboard talent.

Each club was allowed to send their top 4 ranked surfers in each division to participate in the LSI 2023 Grand Final, where all the clubs receive their finalists and Club Challenge prize money, and the division winners received a trophy and prizes from event sponsors, which included a box of BINTANG Crystal beer (to those of appropriate age), shopping vouchers from DFS, gift packs with legropes, hats and t-shirts from Earth Island, and one lucky participant will get a surfboard from Stoody Surfboards, and another a 3 day trip to the legendary G-land thanks the Bobby’s G-Land Surf Camp. Big thanks also to Earth Island, Swich, La Baracca, and Made’s Warung for food and drinks to the technical team and officials during the long 3 days of competition on Kuta Beach, and the DFS for the cold ice tea and ice cream!

The LSI Grand Final 2023 ended with an awarding party at the Mamaka by Ovolo’s Rooftop where the winners received their prizes and got to see the highlights of the past 3 days action. Mamaka generously provided accommodations rooms for the LSI management team and financial support as well as conference room space for an ISA Judging Course and their rooftop for the closing party.

Consistent with the Asian Surf Cooperative’s mission to help clean up the environment, every ASC event runs as a plastic free event, with all staff and crew bringing their own water tumblers and filling them at the water stations provided, lunch packaging is natural banana leaves, trash containers are provided, and environmental organizations are invited to attend and share the message of environmental awareness.

Follow the LSI and ASC on our website at https://asiansurf.co/lsi/ and on Instagram at @ligasurfingindonesia and @asiansurf.co

For all the results, scores and rankings, you can go to Live Heats at https://www.liveheats.com/ligasurfingindonesia

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Liga Surfing Indonesia Grand Final 2023 Results

Men’s Open

Dhany Widianto (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Ketut Agus (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Komang Sastrawan (Lembongan Surf Team)
Nyoman Mega Artana (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Women’s Open

Dhea Natasha (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Marshanda Nikijuluw (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Hansuri Jabrik (Legian Boardriders)
Nala Rabik (Denpasar Boardriders)
Men’s Longboard

Dhany Widianto (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Dhimas Shabil (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Ivan Sudena (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Jori Sanjaya Putra (Denpasar Boardriders)
Women’s Longboard

Dhea Natasha (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Ketut Tia (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Ficka Dirgantari (Denpasar Boardriders)
Sang Ayu Putu Dewi (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)

Dylan Wilcoxen (Indonesia)
Raflin Wau (Nias Surfing Association)
Made Nesa (Denpasar Boardriders)
Philip Duke (Legian Boardriders)
Under 10

Sang Bagus Made Vijaya (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Wayan Napta (Legian Boardriders)
Hiroshi Setiadi (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Zio Jeksen (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Masters (over 40)

Rahtu Suargita (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
Agus Wijaya (Halfway Kuta Boardriders)
AA Upadana (Denpasar Boardriders)
Made Awan (Denpasar Boardriders)
Club Challenge

Halfway Kuta Boardriders
Denpasar Boardriders
Pererenan Surf Club
Legian Boardriders Club
Nias Surfing Association
West Sumbawa Surfing Club

Liga Surfing Indonesia Background:

The Liga Surfing Indonesia brings together Indonesia’s top surf clubs in a yearly competition series directed at creating a sustainable pathway of surfing development, starting with boys and girls 10 years and younger, then Junior and Open men and women (16 to 35) shortboard and longboard, and Masters (over 35 years in age), professionally organized and managed in line with established industry rules and codes of conduct. Each club runs 5 individual events to determine the rankings in each division, and the top four ranked surfers in each division are eligible to compete in the Grand Final against the other club’s top ranked surfers. The Live Heats online competition program is used by the clubs for scoring the surfers and determining rankings.

The Liga Surfing Indonesia is sanctioned by the PSOI (Persatuan Selancar Ombak Indonesia), operated by the ASC (Asian Surf Cooperative), sponsored by AMMAN, presented by Bintang Crystal, with supporting sponsors Mamaka by Ovolo and IDP DFS, and Earth Island, Made’s Warung, La Baracca, Switch, Stoody Surfboards, G- Land Bobby’s Surf Camp and Soorfinc.

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