The second Grom Patrol Surf Training Camp started off today at Legian Beach (Double 6) just in front of the Sunset Hut under clear blue skies and beautiful conditions for the 15 energetic groms (9 boys and 6 girls) who couldn’t wait to get into the water for their surf training with Dylan Amar from Bali Elite Surf Coaching.

Today the kids were separated into two groups, those that had participated in last week’s camp together with the more experienced new kids, and those that were first timers and those with less experience. “In last week’s group we taught everybody the same things at the same time, though we did spend extra time with some of the kids separately, but today because we had a few from last week and some new kids that had more experience, we could give them different instruction than the new kids, making two groups, which allowed them to progress more rapidly,” said Dylan.

A very important subject covered today was venue analysis, as the beach had several rips and channels so was perfect for teaching how to read the lineup, how to use the rips to their advantage when paddling out, and how sometimes coming back into the beach and running back up saves time and energy rather than paddling against the rip to get back into the lineup.

Another subject addressed was contest strategy, on how to read waves so they know where to catch them, how judges scored their performance, and that they only needed 2 good scores in a heat so not to waste time catching every wave they saw…a typical grom error!

They were then sent out for some practice heats, which were video’d, and then later reviewed and critiqued back at the Kosta Hostel after dinner.

Tomorrow the kids will be back on the beach at 8 am to continue their instruction, in preparation for the Grom Patrol Surf Comp that will happen on Sunday!

The surf competition series on Sunday is open to everyone on a first come-first served basis, with an entry fee of Rp 200,000 per event, (approx. $15 USD) and a limit per division as follows:

Under 18 = 16 boys/16 girls = 32

Under 16 = 16 boys/16 girls = 32

Under 14 = 12 boys/12 girls = 24

Under 12 = 12 boys/12 girls = 24

Prizes from sponsors will be awarded and there will be a series champion crowned at the end of the three-event competition

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