8 April 2024, Bali, Indonesia:  On Friday, April 5th, a fundraising night was held at the Earth Island Surf Centre in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, organized by the PSOI (Persatuan Selancar Ombak Indonesia) in collaboration with the Asian Surf Cooperative. The event was attended by numerous surfers, families, and friends from Bali. Its purpose was to raise funds to support the development of Indonesian surfing by providing world-class training, knowledge, and facilities for future surfing heroes. Activities included a movie screening, raffle ticket sales, live auctions, and silent auctions. Generous contributions from sponsors played a crucial role in the success of the fundraising effort, which totaled over Rp 200 million by the end of the evening.

Also in attendance were 5 of the 6 junior surfers who will be joining the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in El Salvador from May 3rd to May 12th, thanks to the full support of KEMENPORA, Indonesia’s governing body of sports.  The junior surfers that will represent Indonesia in El Salvador were called up and introduced to the audience:  The Junior boys are Dylan Wilcoxen, Gede Aditya Putra “Made Balon”, and Made Nesa Prasada, and the Junior girls are Hanasuri Jabrik, Lidia Kato, and Nala Rabik.

The evening was a great success, with over Rp 200 million totaled up when the evening concluded.  There was a movie screening named “Off the Hook” that was shown to start things off, put together by the Legian Boardriders and funded by Swich.  Raffle tickets were sold, and great rewards came from those who purchased them from a large number of sponsors, a good number of Island Brewing’s latest Light beers were polished off, Earth Island’s “Burgers for Hope” special had bellies full and happy, and at the live auction two lucky guys outbid the rest for a Mick Fanning surfboard (of which model there are only 100 in the world) donated by Rip Curl and an absolutely priceless Mark Richards surfboard from Quiksilver.


The silent auction had so many amazing offerings it was incredible, and that kept attendees constantly circling around the table checking and rechecking and raising their bids to make sure they would win their favorite one.  Here is a list :

Dinara Hotel 

Kandui Resort 

Hollow Tree Mentawai 

Pemutih Villa 

Komaneka Resorts Keramas 

Lost Lindenberg 

Uluwatu Surf Villas

Shelter Pererenan


Mynx Hair & Beauty Emporium


Soulshine Bali

Lago Lembongan

Komune Resort

Rip Curl

Onboard Store

Earth Island 

Good Mantra 

Swich Sandwich 

La Barraca 

Ettore Gelato

Shelter Pererenan

Nalu Bowls

Project Black


Speaking on behalf of both the PSOI and the ASC with years of knowledge and experience behind him, Tipi Jabrik had a few words about the progression and development of surfing in Indonesia .  “Developing surfing in Indonesia means not only focusing on the immediate and short term progress but to see far in advance and make a plan for sustaining that momentum and progress.  For example, I want to see our Indonesian surfers competing in the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in 2028.  Not just one, but more several . That’s the goal for our junior surfers that are going to El Salvador…this is the start of their journey towards that goal.  I encourage everyone to keep supporting this effort and then we’ll see that goal be accomplished.”

The Indonesian Surfing Association (PSOI) is dedicated to utilising this support for the ongoing development of surfing in Indonesia. As further deliberations and collaborative efforts are necessary, PSOI will promptly communicate the agenda for forthcoming discussions at the earliest convenience.

Many thanks to all the generous and supporting people and businesses that donated products, services and their time for this important effort.