3 May 2021, Kuta Beach, Bali – Indonesia: A massive day of grom action saw all of the over 100 kids ranging from 5 to 16 years old surfing at least once, and 35 of them surfing a second time in the finals in order to decide the Under 16, Under 14, Under12, and Under 10 boy and girl champions yesterday at Kuta Beach on the second and final day of Tipi Jabrik’s Grom Patrol surf competition.

After what seemed like a very full day of competition on Saturday, yesterday was one for the record books as the event stretched from an 8 am beach cleaning and then 8:30 start of competition, to finally wrapping up after sunset with the awarding ceremony finishing at just before 7 pm.

The wave conditions were great to start the day, with a rising tide, 2-3 foot glassy sets and both right and lefthanders on offer. Midday had some slightly bigger sets on the high tide, but as the tide ran out the waves got smaller and smaller and more challenging to find open faces and running waves as closeouts were numerous.  But in surfing competitions it is all about finding a way to win no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you, and with the afternoon conditions on offer it certainly favored the smaller and more experienced kids…and a bit of luck.

In the Finals, big congratulations go out to the two standouts surfers that competed and won in not just one…but two divisions!

In the girl’s divisions, Lidia Kato not only won her Under 14 final but also competed in the Under 16 division and won that final as well,  while in the boy’s divisions little shredder Jasper Glossop took home the win in both his Under 10 division and the Under 12 division!

Hopefully both kids parents brought a car to the event to carry home all the prizes and trophies their kids won.

After the horn blew the end of the last final, and it was all but dark, everyone gathered in front of the judges tent to cheer for the winners and finalists. Opening the awarding presentation was Mrs. Betsy Dian Astri, who represented the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy, who in her speech said, “First let me say that I was amazed at how many kids there were here this weekend, it was way beyond my expectation. I’m really happy to see so many of kids participating in surfing, as it’s such a healthy and active sport and it has contributed a lot to Indonesia tourism.  We are pleased to support grassroots events like this to help the kids progress, and to see the kids and their parent enjoying themselves. Thanks to Mr Tipi Jabrik and his team and all the supporters for this wonderful weekend event.”

After the prizes were given and the event site was being broken down, event creator Tipi Jabrik was asked for his thoughts on the event, to which he replied, “After almost two years since the last full Grom Patrol competition, it felt so good to get everybody back to the beach to enjoy the camaraderie and the competition that a live weekend event brings.  As a parent with my two kids competing in the event, it brings another level of enjoyment and I’m very thankful to everyone involved in making this event happen…first to the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Kuta Halfways Boardriders, without whom this wouldn’t be possible, as well as the brands like Quiksilver, Roxy, Ombak Surf Co and Little Fella’s for some great prizes for the kids.  And special thanks to all those parents and clubs who brought the kids to the event and always support them surfing…as these kids are the future of Indonesian surfing.”

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To review all the scores and other data from the event please check out https://www.liveheats.com/events/5222.

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Tipi Jabrik’s Grom Patrol is sponsored/supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Asian Surf Cooperative, PSOI, KONI, Ombak, Halfway Kuta Boardriders, Quiksilver, Roxy, Little Fella Rebels, and Indoinc

Grom Patrol #1 Contest Results


Under 16 Boys

  1. Febry – 10.67
  2. Wayan Remon – 10.33
  3. Made Balon – 5.33
  4. Dwi Putrawan – 3.54
  5. Teddy Billy – 3.33

Under 14 Boys

  1. Kahea Isshiki – 10.20
  2. Phillip Duke – 9.17
  3. Made Balon – 7.83
  4. Teddy Billy – 7.77
  5. Bama – 5.80

Under 12 Boys

  1. Jasper Glossop – 7.97
  2. Denis Firmansyah – 7.90
  3. Oscar Glossop – 7.10
  4. Riki Uemura – 4.74
  5. Un Jayantara – 4.16

Under 16 Girls

  1. Lidia Kato – 6.67
  2. Georgie-May Hicks – 5.23
  3. Airu Nagata – 4.34
  4. Hanasuri Jabrik – 2.80
  5. Miranda Rudita – 2.16

Under 14 Girls

  1. Lidia Kato – 9.10
  2. Georgie-May Hicks – 5.60

3  Rahni Rudita – 5.47

  1. Maia Dewi – 4.74
  2. Kayla Tani Martin – 3.90

Under 10 Boys

  1. Jasper Glossop – 9.90
  2. Shia Jabrik – 6.20
  3. Putu Aditya Putra Somiya – 5.74
  4. Dika Anwar – 5.40
  5. Diki Anwar – 3.29