ISA Judging E-Learning and Officiating Course

Mamaka by Ovolo Hotel is again the sponsor of the upcoming ISA Judging & Officiating Course and the Liga Surfing Indonesia Grand Final, which will all happen on Kuta Beach from the 20-24th of November.

ISA Judging E-Learning Course (Introduction to Judging: The ISA Judging E-Learning Course, is a prerequisite for participation in a judging certification course. This course is available to anyone with an interest in competitive surfing and covers the basics of judging, scoring criteria, and rules. Participants receive a certification of completion which is suitable knowledge to shadow judging or judging local/club events. It is an online course, but we will offer it in a group setting with PSOI/ASC judges on site to help explain and answer questions from the participants.

ISA Judging and Officiating Course: This course is delivered by ISA Course Presenter Arya Subyakto, who is an expert in surf judging with many years of experience. The course is designed to dive deeper into judging principles and theory. You will practice comparing waves and throwing scores to prepare you to sit on a judging panel. After participating this course, you will receive ISA Level 1 Judging certification that will allow you to shadow judge and/or judge club/regional events. To receive Level 2 Judging certification, you need to have and submit 50 hours of judging experience signed off by a qualified Head Judge. This will allow you to judge regional/national events.

ISA Judging Levels and Requirements Detail

Level 1 Judging Certification: Shadow judge and/or judge club/regional events

Level 2 Judging Certification: Level 1 Judging Certification + submit 50 hours of judging experience signed off by a qualified Head Judge = Judge regional/national events

Level 3 Judging Certification: Level 2 Judging Certification + submit 100 additional hours of judging experience signed off by Head Judge= Judge national/international events

Level 4 Judging Certification: Level 3 Judging Certification + submit 400 additional hours of judging experience at national/international events and signed off by head judge + receive a letter of recommendation from National Federation = Judge + Head Judge national/international events

Level 5 Judging Certification: Reserved for judges currently sitting on ISA World Championship and WSL Championship Tour panels


Event Status
ISA Judging E - Learing Course, ISA Judging and Officiating Course, ISA Judging E-Learing and Officiating Course
Mamaka by Ovolo Hotel, Kuta - Bali
November, 20 - 21 2023
Event Type
Judging Course
Registration Fee
1.250.000 - 3.500.000