Kuta – Thursday, 16 November 2023: The annual Rip Curl GromSearch turned 18 this year
and hundreds of ripping young surfers from around the nation packed Halfway Kuta
Beach last weekend, 10-12 November, to compete in the most awaited event presented
by Samudera Indonesia. Competing in an exciting, safe and friendly competitive
environment, the best Indonesian surfers put their skills to the test against some red hot
travelling competitors in all divisions, including Under 16’s, Under 14’s and Under 12’s.

Known for its consistent waves, Halfway Kuta Beach offered competitors the perfect
canvas to show their best skills with 3 to 4 foot high long waves. The famous Halfway Kuta
Beach is visited by both local and foreign surfers. This beach is one of the best surf spots
in Bali because it has two surfing spots, fat waves, and long swells.

“It has always been such a great feeling to see all the young surfers in Indonesia
competing at the GromSearch. Huge thanks to Samudera Indonesia, as a big Indonesian
company supporting the highest level of Indonesian surfer like Rio Waida and now here
supporting the grassroot of surfing. Event like this shows how the initiated framework
that we setup with the boardriders a few years ago with ASC is working really well. Such a
great health of Indonesia surfing at the moment.” Said James Hendy, President Director of
Rip Curl Indonesia.

The CEO of presenting sponsor, Bani Mulia, proudly explained how Samudera Indonesia
has been very supportive to be involved in the growth of surfing in Indonesia while
greeting all the groms at the final day in Kuta Beach last Sunday (12/11). “Indonesia is a
big nation, we have such great potentials and we need to work together hand in hand and
support each other. Let’s start here in Bali and show our brothers and sisters all over
Indonesia that the future of surfing in Indonesia is bright.” Said Bani Mulia.

Dylan Wilcoxen from Under 16 division put on a show on the last minute of the final heat
scoring 12,00 points claiming his winning against his best friend Kalani Ryan (9,67), Rajo
Saputra (9,33) and Taije Lijestrom (7,30). On the Under 16 girls division, coming from
abroad, Guo Jin Ting finish 1st place with a score of 7,73, followed by Imari Hearn (5,90),

Hanasuri Jabrik (5,87), and Jasmine Studer (5,57). Both Dylan and Hanasuri are eligible to
win a trip to Australia for a high performance coaching camp with Surfing Australia after
winning the U-16 division and holding an Indonesian citizenship.

On Under 14 divisions, Natan Johannes booked his boys podium after his last second
wave scored a 7,00 making his total heat of 11,57 followed by Aditya Somiya (11,17), Riki
Uemura (10,46) and Kahea Isshiki (8,43). Kya Heuer claimed her winning on Girls Under
14 after she scored a total of 12.67 against Marshanda Nikijuluw (10,00), Nala Rabik
(7,93), and Zehansheng (6,60) in the final.

In the Under 12 boys division, Darma Wisesa took the podium with the best total heat of
the whole event with 13,50 points ripping alongside Jasper Glossop (9,77), Agus Jho
(9,26) and Hiroshi Setiadi (3,67). Meanwhile Tasia Belyaeva took Under 12 girls division
win with her total heat of 10,40 followed by Paris Nalendra (7,54), Dian Septiari (6,97)
and Monster Chong (4,60).

“Not only we have a 3-day event this year, the winners of U-16 (boy and girl) are going to
have a fully funded trip to Australia for a high performance coaching camp with Surfing
Australia. This is a great opportunity for the groms to develop as athletes and get
everything they need for their career path. The other amazing event was the Samudera
Boardriders Tag Team, such an important foundation for the next generation of
Indonesian surfers to get support and platform to train and grow within the community.
We are going to keep this tradition at GromSearch in the future.”, said Harrison Mann,
Product & Marketing Manager of Rip Curl Indonesia.

At this year's Rip Curl GromSearch, Channel Island as one of the event’s sponsors gave
two Happy Everyday Grom Boards to two contestants who showed good performance
even though they did not win the competition. The lucky contestants were Sang Bagus
Made Subawa Girinatha Vijaya and Marshanda Nikijuluw. Apart from that, Halfway Kuta
Boardrider also won cash of IDR 10,000,000 after winning over Denpasar Boardriders,
Pererenan Boardriders and Mentawai Boardriders in the Samudera Boardriders Tag Team
competition in the Rip Curl GromSearch 2023 series.

GromSearch 2023 wrap up video is now live at: https://youtu.be/3FlLwOj0CcQ
For access to images, video, press releases and an extensive range of content for use in
your coverage of the Rip Curl GromSearch 2023, please visit the following Box link:
This event is presented by Samudera Indonesia and supported by Mamaka by Ovolo.

Rip Curl GromSearch 2023 Contest Results:
Under 16 Division (Boys):
1. Dylan Wilcoxen (12,00 points, Indonesia)
2. Kalani Ryan (9,67 points, Indonesia)
3. Rajo Saputra (9,33 points, Indonesia)
4. Taije Lijestrom (7,30 points, Hawaii)

Under 14 Division (Boys):
1. Natan Johannes (11,57 points, Indonesia)
2. Aditya Somiya (11,17 points, Indonesia)
3. Riki Uemura (10,46 points, Indonesia)
4. Kahea Isshiki (8,43 points, Indonesia)

Under 12 Division (Boys):
1. I Gede Darma Wisesa (13,50 points, Indonesia)
2. Jasper Glossop (9,77 points, Indonesia)
3. I Wayan Agus Jho Ananta (9,26 points, Indonesia)
4. Hiroshi Setiadi (3,67 points, Indonesia)

Under 16 Division (Girls):
1. Guo Jin Ting (7,73 points, China)
2. Imari Hearn (5,90 points, England)
3. Hanasuri Jabrik (5,87 points, Indonesia)
4. Jasmine Studer (5,57 points, Indonesia)

Under 14 Division (Girls):
1. Kya Jo Heuer (12,67 points, Australia)
2. Marshanda Nikijuluw (10,00 points, Indonesia)
3. Nala Wedatari Rabik (7,93 points, Indonesia)
4. Zehansheng (6,60 points, China)

Under 12 Division (Girls):
1. Tasia Belyaeva (10,40 points, Russia)
2. Paris Nalendra (7,54 points, Indonesia)
3. Dian Septiari (6,97 points, Indonesia)
4. Monster Chong (4,60 points, New Zealand)

Boardriders Tag Team:
1. Halfway Kuta Boardriders (30,23 points)
2. Denpasar Boardriders (22,26 points)

3. Pererenan Boardriders (18,13 points)
4. Mentawai Boardriders (17,78 points)