11th February 2024,Cherating, Malaysia, the Cherating International Surfing Championship concluded its three-day competition on the stunning beaches of Cherating, Malaysia. Organized by the Cherating Boardriders and sanctioned by PLOM, powered by ASC, this event united surfers from various countries, including Malaysia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Singapore, France, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Russia, for exhilarating contests and a vibrant celebration of surfing culture.

ASC is delighted to return to Malaysia to collaborate with PLOM. As many are aware, ASC has been a steadfast supporter of development in Malaysia since 2010. Over the years, ASC and the entire community have remained committed to nurturing emerging surfing talent and fostering the growth of surfing in Malaysia.

Over the three days of the Cherating International Surfing Championship, the event saw a mix of surf and weather conditions. Day 1 began with surfers gathering on Cherating’s sandy shores, but due to small waves, officials postponed the competition to provide athletes with more information about the conditions. The waves picked up slightly on Day 2, and the officials decide to start the day with grommet division and followed by Bodyboards.  Day 3 saw much improved conditions, with head-high waves offering perfect surfing conditions for the last day Of Cherating International Festival.

Starting with the standout winner, Dhea Natasya emerged as the most impressive competitor, clinching victories in both the Women’s Longboard and Shortboard divisions. Fresh from competing in two events in the Philippines, Natasya expressed her delight at her success in Malaysia, even thou she has minimum preparations. She stating, “Competing in Malaysia has been an incredible experience. The waves here are challenging yet rewarding, and I’m thrilled to have come out on top in both divisions.” Following in her footsteps, her brother Dhanny Widianto also made his mark, securing a win in one division and reaching the fourth place in man shortboard.

Dhanny Widianto, Men’s longboard Champion / photo by Ton

Dhea Natasya, Women’s longboard  and Shortboard Champion / photo by Ton

In the men’s shortboard division, Made Dharma Yasa emerged as the champion, triumphing in the most elite and competitive category of the competition. His victory was a result of exceptional skill and mastery of the waves, as he showcased impressive aerial manoeuvres, powerful turns, and commitment riding throughout the heats. With consistently high scores Made Dharma Yasa demonstrated why he is considered one of the top surfers in the competition. Going through Final Heat, Made Darma Yasa set the tone for the final heat with an impressive score of 8.33, establishing himself as a frontrunner and propelling him into the lead position throughout the entire heat.

Made Dharma Yasa, men’s Shortboard Champion / photo by Ton

In the Men’s Longboard division, young Muhammad Nor Afiq Haikal stood out as one of the most impressive local contenders. At just young age, Haikal advanced to the semifinals, capturing the attention of the crowd with his remarkable performance. Reflecting on his experience, he shared, “Competing in my hometown and being able to showcase my skills on this stage has been a dream come true. The support from the local community has been incredible, and it’s motivated me to push myself even further.” Haikal’s exceptional talent and dedication proved to be worthy as he secured the 2nd position in the Men’s Longboard division.

On Day 1, due to the absence of waves, the organizers declared it a lay day. However, they turned this situation into an opportunity by organizing an impromptu seminar on competitive surfing, led by Arya Subakto. Surfers and Officials gathered to learn and discuss strategies, techniques, and the nuances of competitive surfing, turning the day into a valuable learning experience for all participants.

The Cherating International Surfing Championship was made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, including Majlis Bandaraya Kuantan, Tourism Pahang Malaysia, DMM Sales, Daihatsu Malaysia, Rip Curl, Royale Chulan Cherating, Zus Coffee, Kamsurfshack, Yow Surf Skate Malaysia, and many more. These sponsors contributed to making the event a success, providing cash prizes, trophies, and other valuable items for the winners.

In addition to the thrilling surfing action, the event also featured various non-surfing activities, including parties, cultural performances, and local food stalls. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Cherating and enjoy the festivities surrounding the competition.

Takin on of the organiser said: “I am delighted to witness elite international-level surfers from neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and a few others participating in the event. This will elevate the standard of officiating and competitive surfing in Malaysia. Hopefully, Malaysia could host its first WSL QS 1000 event in the near future.”

“PLOM also cherishes the Cherating International Surf Competition 2024 as a pivotal event that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and best practices across borders, enriching participants with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Local surfers benefit from the opportunity to compete alongside international surfers, fostering skill enhancement and exposure to diverse surfing techniques and styles.

As the competition drew participants from Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, France, Singapore, Australia, and beyond, their feedback contributed significantly to the event’s success.”

Cherating International Surf Festival Award/ photo by Red Turtle Media
Cherating International Surf Festival Award/ photo by Red Turtle Media



Winners by Division:

1. Mohammad Irfan Naufal
2. Ramil Arromchuen
3.Nik Ahmad Rafiq Darwis Bin Roslee
4.Mohamad Amer Fiqri

Bodyboard :
1. Muhammad Shahrur Ramadhan
2. Syed EI Husseid Bin Syed Atikullah
3. Muhammad Sah Annaafi Bin Ag Arshad
4. Mohd Sha’ari Bin Uyub

Men’s Shortboard:
1. I Made Dharma Yasa
2. Dhiya Izdihaar
3. Muhamad Rifai
4. Dhany Widianto

Men’s Longboard:
1. Dhanny Widianto
2. Muhamad Nor Afiq Haikal bin Muhamad Nor Azizi
3. Adam Brasco
4. Suhaimi Hassan

Women’s Shortboard:
1. Dhea Natasya Novitasari
2. Camille Spaccarotella
3. Lani Buhrich
4. Quadeja Munirah

Women’s Longboard:
1. Dhea Natasya Novitasari
2. Quadeja Munirah
3. Nur Alia Erika Binti Mohd Azmi
4. Nadzirah

1. Yasuo Ichiriyu
2. Syahidan Syed Tamim Ansari
3. Mohammad Yusri Bin Yusof
4. Wan Man Wan Ishak

For more information on the Cherating International Surfing Championship and upcoming events, visit https://liveheats.com/events/203131?fbclid=PAAabsFj-oLIrXsa5wEy9tSlrFlfMSO_glu3OKvtqjJe1lPHHpBdjLoopeCo4 . Follow their social media @cheratingsurfclub for highlights and updates from the competition.

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