14 October 2023, Dongsha Beach, Jhujiajian Island, Zhoushan, China: 48 competitors from 6 countries began the two-day competition yesterday, and today 4 of them were crowned champions after putting on amazing performances for the audience gathered at Dongsha Beach’s City Surfer Beach Club for the inaugural Zhoushan Open of Surf & Skate 2023.

At the day’s conclusion, it was Made Joi (Bali, Indonesia) winning the Men’s Shortboard Division, HaoTong Li (China) taking out the Women’s Shortboard Division, TZ (China) the Men’s Longboard Division champion, and Yu Shan Huang (China) winning the Women’s Longboard Division.

In the last final of the event, Bali’s Made Joi put on another great performance to win the top spot of the Men’s Shortboard Division, happy with his result on his first ever trip to China.

“First of all, I want to thank the City Surf crew for the invitation to come here, and to the government and all the sponsors to make this event, it was awesome,” said Joi. “I’m so happy to come here, and it was great to see so many good surfers here in China. I’m sure next year, there will be event more Chinese winners in this event. In the final, I was happy that the waves were bigger than yesterday, it made the competition even better. The waves here were similar to Kuta Beach in Bali, so it was even a bit familiar for me, maybe that’s why I could win today. Oh, I also want to thank my friend Jin (Jinhyuk Yang) who loaned me his surfboard to compete as I couldn’t bring my own board. I’m really stoked to be here in China…thanks everyone!”

In the Men’s Longboard Division, it was TZ from Hainan Island who took first place over his fellow Chinese competitors:

“I’m so excited and happy that I could come here and join in this event,” said TZ. “ I have lots of friends here that support me, I’m so stoked to get this win. Nobody really knew much about this place before, but now they will, as there are definitely good waves here. The final was a bit tricky to find the best waves, but I’m lucky I got two good ones and was able to win.”

Also from Hainan Island and winning the Woman’s Longboard Division was Yu Shan Huang. When asked how she felt about her win, she replied, “ I had no expectations really, coming to this event, I was just coming to learn things from the other girls. I didn’t even really expect to make it into the final or even the seminfinal actually. Then, when I got into water for the final, I just told myself to relax and get rid of the jitters, and say thanks to Mother Nature for letting me come this far, and just enjoy whatever happens, it is just meant to be. So winning was such a great and unexpected result, and I’m so grateful for it.”

City Surfer founder Terry Yu was all smiles after the conclusion of the finals, saying “This was so exciting for us, making such a big event here in Zhoushan, and having it be a big success especially since it was the first time. I’m very happy and thankful to the ASC for bringing their professional judges and team, to all the surfers for coming and joining the event from here in China and other Asian countries, it was really exciting. We plan to do it even bigger and better next year, and we welcome all surfers around Asia to come and join us here and have a great time with us anytime.”

About the Zhoushan Open of Surf & Skate 2023 : The event was sponsored the Aquatics Sports Administrative Center of Zhejiang, the Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Putuo-Zhujiajian Management Committee, and the Zhejiang Zhoushan Tourism Company, with Johnnie Walker, Vans, YOW, and Patagonia, and powered by the Asian Surf Cooperative.

About Zhoushan: Zhoushan is an archipelago with 2,085 islands, located at the intersection of the East China coastline and the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, backed by the Yangtze River Delta and rich in marine tourism resources, making it the first choice for marine tourism in East China. Dongsha on Zhujaijain Island is a national 4A level scenic area across the bay from Putuo Mountain, and with its unique conditions makes it the best surfing spot in East China.

Complete Contest Results are available on LiveHeats at https://liveheats.com/events/174881

Men’s Shortboard
1. Made Joi (IND)
2. WanYao Liu (CHN)
3. SHunQuan Long (CHN)
4. BoWen Liu (CHN)

Women’s Shortboard
1. HaoTong Li (CHN)
2. YiWen Li (CHN)
3. YuXuan Xue (CHN)
4. Panda Li (CHN)

Men’s Longboard
1. TZ (CHN)
2. XiangAn Ltuo (CHN)
3. BingLin Li (CHN)
4. Rui Huang (CHN)

Women’s Longboard
1. Yu Shan Huang (CHN)
2. Jung DanHee (KOR)
3. Monica Guo (CAN)
4. Flora Christin (IND)