31 August, 2019 – Canggu, Bali:  The Asian Surf Cooperative (ASC) and the Canggu Surf Community (CSC) are proud to be part of the history making three-day Bali Adaptive Pro presented by Burton Automotive that will start off tomorrow morning at Echo Beach at approximately 8:00 am , where an international field of 23 professional athletes from countries including Australia, Indonesia, USA, Brazil, UK, Israel, Argentina , the Philippines and the Czech Republic are set to showcase their amazing surfing abilities in the following five Disability categories of Kneel, Prone, Standing Upper Limb, Standing Lower Limb, and Visually Impaired.

Event organizers Jade ‘Red’ Wheatley (Australia) and Miloslav Brzak (Czech Republic) are both impaired athletes and professional adaptive surfers who first met at the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships in 2015 and have been travel buddies ever since, tackling monster swells and critical waves and pushing boundaries in Indonesia and beyond.   Along the way they decided that a high performance event with pumping world class waves was badly needed in order to inspire and encourage anyone with an impairment that they truly can surf and compete in great waves.

Wheatley is a double leg amputee following a work accident, and Brzak  was born with an impairment to his right arm that renders it virtually non-functional.   “All over the globe, numerous resilient adaptive athletes are missing arms, legs or have other disabilities and many have doggedly braved able-bodied surfing competitions for years doing whatever it takes to hit the water and progress to the next level,” says Wheatley.  “But now that adaptive surfing is growing, we want to put on a world-class event that showcases the highest level of the sport and will inspire the next generation of adaptive youth surfers to push their own limits in challenging conditions.”

The venue for the Bali Adaptive Pro presented by Burton Automotive will be the Cabe Bali Warung as it allows for the easiest access to the water, and surfers will compete on the lefthander directly in front.

There will be a traditional Balinese prayer ceremony tomorrow morning at approximately 7:00 am, then the first heat of the event should be in the water and ready to by 8:00 am.

The competition will run daily starting at around 8:00 am depending upon tide, wave and wind conditions, and will wrap up on Tuesday evening September 3rd with an Awarding Party at Sunny Café in Berawa.

You can view the heat draws and live scoring via Live Heats during the three days of competition at https://www.liveheats.com/events/2179

For a daily schedule and information about The Bali Adaptive Pro, please visit www.baliadaptivepro.com and the social media channels below:

Bali Adaptive Pro Instagram click here https://www.instagram.com/baliadaptiveprocomp

Bali Adaptive Pro Facebook click here https://www.facebook.com/baliadaptivepro

The Bali Adaptive Pro presented by Burton Automotive is sponsored by Burton Automotive with partners BSF Asia, Sunny Café, 69 Slam, Dylan Surfboards, Accessible Indonesia, Bali Beach Wheels, Eco Living Bali, Cabe Bali, and Baliprod, with the Asian Surf Cooperative and the Canggu Surf Community.

For more information:

Bali Adaptive Pro presented by Burton Automotive

Jade Wheatley via WhatsApp at +61423588202 or by email at baliadaptivepro@gmail.com

Asian Surf Cooperative

Tim Hain via WhatsApp at +628123606674 or by email at timh@asiansurf.co