4 August, 2020 – Kuta, Bali:  As the longest running independent professional surfing organization in Asia, the ASC is delighted to announce the announcement of a Resource and Media Sharing Agreement with the Korea Surf League, an exciting new surfing organization based in Seoul, South Korea.

A newly formed surfing organization, it was the KSL that initiated this Agreement with the ASC in order to benefit from the ASC’s years of experience in developing and running the historic Indonesian Surfing Championship Tour and Asian Surfing Championship Tours, co-sanctioning and assisting with World Surf League WCT and Qualifying Series events in Indonesia and throughout the Asian Region, and hosting numerous ISA (International Surfing Association) International Judging and Officiating and International Surf Instructor Certification courses.

With this Agreement, the ASC will become a resource for the KSL as it becomes the leading professional surfing organization in Korea and nurtures its management team and surfers by providing them with experience outside of Korea in other countries and events where the ASC is involved.  The ASC will share its knowledge and provide media assistance to KSL management, dedicate physical resources (such as judges for example) to KSL events when appropriate, and offer opportunities to their surfers in joining events outside of Korea.

As Media Partners, the KSL and the ASC will share media releases and other media output in order to enhance each other’s on-line and social media presence, thus widening the reach of both organizations by increasing the awareness of Korea and the Asian Region in the eyes and minds of the global surfing community.

As the ASC’s home base is Bali, which has become a second home to many Korean surfers over the last several years, we’ve seen more Korean surfers participating in events such as the ASC- sanctioned RAST (REnextop Asian Surfing Tour) events (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines), the Single and Unattached Longboard event (Philippines),  as well as WSL (World Surf League) Qualifying Series events in Indonesia, and look to see that trend continuing when the COVID-19 Pandemic is finally over and international travel can resume.

“We are very excited to have a relationship with the ASC,” said KSL President Min Song.   “We can share information, knowledge and resources from now on. As a result of this amazing partnership, we are looking forward to huge progression in the surf culture in Korea and hopefully all around the Asian region,” he added.

ASC’s Tipi Jabrik is equally excited to be sharing the ASC’s experience and assisting the KSL in its development, saying “We were really gratified when Min reached out to us with his request to create this relationship, as we’re always looking for ways to help out in the growth of surfing across Asia.  We’re always ready and willing to share our knowledge and experience, and any resources we have with our Korean brothers and sisters in surfing, and it’s really exciting to play a part in helping the Korean surf community by working with the KSL.”

According to KSL President Min Song, they are already in the process of organizing several surfing competitions, the first of which is planned for between 25-August and 15 September (waiting period).

So stay tuned to ASC social media as we’ll be sharing more information with you as soon as it becomes available, and you can find more info on the KSL website at www.koreasurfleague.com and on Instagram @koreasurfleague