Lagundri Bay, Nias / IDN (Friday, September 13, 2019) – From Nias, it’s good to learn a little more about an incredible local surfer here by the name of Jostianus Bu’ulolo.

This guy is absolutely a world-class surfer here at his home break could potentially beat anyone in a heat especially if it’s breaking big and fearsome. Last year he placed 3rd in the event in great waves, this year he went down in Round 3, but more about that later.

Jostianus told us today he began surfing here at the age of 5 after seeing his uncle ripping in the QS event that came here around 25 years ago!

“I watched and aspired to surf like my uncle (Sonali Bu’ulolo, one of the very first locals to surf and a great surfer) and the surfers who came here for the big contest, as small kids we began surfing around the keyhole then moved down the point and then to the point itself. I lived just up the point where my mum and dad ran a small surfers camp and now I live down the point with my wife from California. It’s great!”

“The wave is so perfect and I love it here and surf all the time, especially when it’s big you can take off and stand in massive barrels – it’s the best and that’s why surfers come from all over the world. The event is good, it’s great for the economy and great for all the young emerging kids here to see WSL surfers – Like me, they are aspiring to their performances.”

So what happened in his Round 3 heat? He came last and was not happy about the result.

Up against surfers who are competing all year and understand priority rules and positioning in the line up caught Justin off guard a little. With no priority early in the heat, the deepest surfer has right of way and in those opening minutes, Justin made an interference which ended his hopes against a field of this quality.

If priority had been sorted 5 minutes in I’m sure he would not have taken off, but with no priority, it’s like a free surf and such is Justin’s status in a no priority line-up, he normally holds priority out there!

Next year he hopes for bigger surf for the event and to make amends!

So what about the event! Today the QS1000 ripped through the Quarters. Super fun smaller waves reeling down the point with excellent sections. Adding to the excitement, a lightning storm forced the final Quarterfinal to exit the water as we waited for conditions to clear. The surfing was superb and Semifinals decided with Piper Harrison (AUS), Anne Dos Santos (BRA), Janiati Hansel (IND) and Aimee Brown all winning and through to the Semifinals.

The swell should pulse tomorrow and Sunday could be anything going by the local forecasters.

“I just wish I was there for Sunday,” said Jostianus Bu’ulolo!

The 2019 Nias Pro men’s and women’s event will run from September 9 – 14. The event will be broadcast live at and on the free WSL App. Head to these places for more information.

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