REnextop Asian Surfing Tour - #2 Japan Stop Update!

Hello surfers, let's surf Japan and check out Mount Fuji too!


Here is some updated information from Event Manager Tianxiang regarding the REnextop Asian Surfing Tour Stop #2 in Japan from 7-9 September at Shizunami Beach, Makinohara, Shizuoka, Japan.


Entry fee: 50 USD for Men's longboard & shortboard

30 USD for Women's longboard & shortboard


Price money: Total prize money for the event will be $12,600 USD, with $3,800 each for Men’s Shortboard and Longboard, and $2,500 each for Women’s Shortboard and Longboard.

(Depending upon the number of competitors, this may be subject to change.)


Schedule: 6 September is Surfer’s Meeting -  7th thru 9th are competition days


Surf Spot : Beachbreak , lefts and rights

Water temperature can be a little cool, so we suggest you take a springsuit and a 1 mil top.


Local Transportation: Fuji-Shizuoka Airport

We will have small welcome station there, with a FREE bus ride to the beach area.


International Transportation:  Narita International Airport

We plan to offer a bus ride from Narita to Makinohara, but we suggest you arrive on the 3th or 4th of September. If you arrive before those dates, we cannot offer a bus ride to you. Note:  You can bring your shortboard on the train, but it’s not possible to bring a longboard on the trains in Japan.


Accommodation : We are offering FREE Tents on at Shizunami Beach. Each surfer will have one individual tent. (Limit of 30 tents available)


There are toilets, showers, and electricity at the beach for you to use. 


If you don't want to stay in a free tent, we will help you to book a room at a nearby hotel, which is 5,500 JPY per person (about $50 USD per person per night)


Meal : We offer FREE meals to competitors: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and some BEERS too!


If you need a visa, please contact me before 23th Aug! I will give you an invitation letter from the Makinohara government.


To register :