09 - 11 Dec 2016                                                           

This years Challenge was nothing short of firing with good West Coast offshore conditions and 4-5ft of mid range swell for the contest.

The two fast young rising stars, Rio Waida from Padma and Mega Artana from Kuta were the standouts of the contest, with Rio winning the Open Division and finishing 4th in the Pro Junior Division, and Mega winning the Pro Junior Division and finishing 4th in the Open Division.                        

This year saw the first ever Women’s Open Division at Medewi, and all the girls put on a great show for all to watch over the weekend. The Womens final saw a huge battle between Kailani Johnson from Nusa Dua and Cinta Hansel from Padma. Kailani staged a great comeback but couldn’t quite finish her last wave to get the required points for the win.                                   

Congrats also to Taina Izquierdo and Giada Legati on making the final, finishing 3rd & 4th respectively.

The Groms Division didn’t disappoint either, with the two Kuta Halfway boys Dhanny Widianto and Varun Tandjung finishing 1st and 2nd respectively. Padma’s Ryuki Waida came in 3rd and Lakey Peak’s Bronson Meidy 4th.  

In the Pro Junior Division it was three Padma Boys Ketut Agus, Febri Biawak and Rio Waida up against Mega Artana from Halfway Kuta Boardriders, and although outnumbered Mega was unstoppable and took out the win ultilizing his great speed and flow connecting with sheer vertical front side maneuvers and superb finishing. Ketut Agus finished second, Febri Biawak 3rd, and Rio Waida 4th.

The Open Division final was nothing short of spectacular, with Padma’s Rio Waida making his intentions known from the start with his very first wave, using his blistering backhand attack to earn him an excellent 8.0 point ride.

The other Padma surfer and also on his backhand, Bleronk managed to answer back with a 7.27 point ride, then Halfways Mega picked off a nice 7.4 point ride. However, after Rio’s third wave that produced a 7.53 score it was pretty much game over and none of the other surfers were able to overtake him. Uluwatu’s Tumbling Sudiantara surfed really well also in the final to take 3rd place, with Mega in 4th and Beleronk in 2nd.  

The Old Boys aka the Masters final was brutal, with Uluwatu’s Wayan Gobleg (Yan Yadna) staving off two of Medewi's most experienced surfers to take out the win. Medewi's A Hadi finished 2nd with Bisri Amigo, last years Masters Champion, finishing 3rd.

However, one of the highlights of the final and the whole contest was the performance of Halfway Kuta Boardriders Wayan Ganti Yasa, who surfed like a grom the entire contest, and although he finished 4th he totally amazed everyone!    

With the points taken from the three Men’s Divisions, Pro Junior, Opens and Masters, it was the Padma Boys who took home the Perpetual Medewi Baordriders Challenge Trophy, with last year’s winners Halfway Kuta Boardriders in 2nd , Uluwatu Boardriders in 3rd, and Medewi Boardriders in 4th place.

Thanks to all the individuals and clubs that competed including the Lakey Peak Boys, Canggu, Halfway Kuta Boardriders, Bingin Boardriders, Uluwatu Boardriders, Padma Boys, Nusa Dua, Java, Lombok and all the visitors.  

MBR would also like to thank Tim Hain and Toto from the ASC, judges Made Lapur and Robbie Adnyana, our MCs, all of our sponsors including FCS, Volcom Indonesia, The New Bombora Medewi Resort, Aloha TMN, Amphibia and all of our local sponsors and supporters.     

Special thanks to all the community of Medewi and the Kepala Desa, Puskemas Pekutatan, Petukatan Police, Negara Ocean Patrol and all of our Medewi Boardriders team who worked so hard prior, during, and after the event.                

Thanks also to our filmers Made Ropik, Dayat and Diong.  

We will be back in 2017 and we’ll keep everyone posted as to the planning in coordination with the ASC and the other Bali Boardriders club
Thanks to all for a great event!

Div Grommets

1st Dhanny Widianto  12.97
2nd Varun Tanjung    9.43
3rd Ryuli Waida      9.33
4th Bronson Meidy    8.60
Div Pro Juniors

1st Mega Artana   13.03
2nd Ketut Agus    10.13
3rd Febri Biawak  9.33
4th Rio Waida     8.50

Div Opens

1st Rio Waida             15.53
2nd Darmayasa Bleronk     13.87                        
3rd Tumbling Sudiantara   11.87                        
4th Mega Artana           9.90                         

Div Womens

1st Cinta Hansel      13.93
2nd Kailani Johnson   13.53
3rd Taina Izquierdo   11.53
4th Giada Legati      9.37

Div Masters

1st Wayan Gobleg        12.27
2nd A Hadi              11.67
3rd Bisri Amigo         10.43
4th Wayan Ganti Yasa     8.80

Div Teams Winners

1st Padma Boys     13.00
2nd Halfway Kuta   7.00
3rd Uluwatu        6.00
4th Medewi         5.00