Jialeshuei Surfing Festival 2017 Set to Go With Over 170 Surfers Across 10 Divisions Ready for Action

6 October 2017, Pingtung County, Kenting-Taiwan:  The 12th annual Jialeshuei Surfing Festival 2017 is set to start tomorrow morning with over 170 surfers registered across 10 divisions for the three day event organized by Taiwan Ocean Recreational Sports Association (TORSA) that runs from 7-9 October at Jialeshuei, one of South Taiwan’s most popular surfing beaches.

The Jaileshuei Surfing Festival 2017 will be the second event of the 2017 TORSA Taiwan Championship series, and with its Grade 3 rating it means big points and prize money for those in the race for the yearly championship and the title of Taiwan’s best surfer in both men’s and women’s shortboard and longboard divisions.

“We’re looking forward to an exciting three days of competition here at Jaileshuei, as we’ve got a building swell being forecast with strong winds,” says TORSA Chairman Jose Chuang.  “It will be a fun but also a challenge for the competitors, as it will test their abilities and endurance and that’s what creates true champions.  On behalf of TORSA we want to thank Mayor Pan and all the local Manzhou officials for making this event possible, so come on out and enjoy watching Taiwan’s best surfers competing here this weekend,” he added.

Pintung County Mayor Men An Pan has been an ardent supporter of the event since it’s inception and long before becoming the mayor, as he’s always seen the potential of surfing as beneficial not only for promoting a healthy youth and sports activity but also as a way to grow tourism and develop more economic opportunities for the local people of Pingtung County.


There will be 10 divisions of competition at the Jaileshuei Surfing Festival this year, ranging from Men’s and Women’s Shortboard and Longboard “A” and “B” divisions to Juniors and Bodyboarding as well.


TORSA has invited the Asian Surfing Championships (ASC) to sanction the Jaileshuei Surfing Festival, and in addition to bringing a Live Heat scoring system for the event, allowing anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop and internet connection to follow each heat score and result, Head Judge Keenan Roxburgh from Australia will oversee the judging panel.  Roxburgh is a Level 3 International judges who regularly judges World Surf League events as well as ISA and ASC events around Asia. 


Roxburgh was Head Judge at last year’s event and is delighted to be invited back this year, saying, “I’m stoked to be asked back again this year to be the Head Judge of the Jaileshuei Surfing Festival.  Taiwan is one of my favorite countries and this Kenting area is my favorite spot to visit and surf, so coming here and being part of helping TORSA to develop surfing in Taiwan is such a great opportunity. Thanks TORSA, the Pingtung government and the ASC for the invitation!”


The ASC will also provide international media coverage of the event through daily video highlights from IndoInc’s Sean Gilhooley, along with digital photos and daily media releases.


The Jaileshuei Surfing Festival is due to kick off tomorrow morning at approximately 8 am, so get down there early and be ready for the start of an exciting weekend of sun, surf, and good times!



The Jialeshuei International Surfing Festival is funded by the Pingtung County Government, with the assistance of Kenting National Park, the Manzhou Branch of Pingtung Police, the Manzhou Township Office, Hengchun Rescue Team and the Pingtung County Wei-Jing Rescue Team.

Event sponsors: Kentington, Nan Ren Entertainment Co. Ltd., Quiksilver, ROXY, Surf Trip World, SURFIN'LIFE, SLASTIK, Stream Trail, Australian Gold, USA Style Shop, 720-Armour, SPOT, North Shore Surfing World, Formosa Surfboards, Summer Point, UUKT, Hot Kenting, Chasing Waves Taiwan, Betel nut co., Empowering Employment Programme.

Organized and sanctioned by:  TORSA (Taiwan Ocean Recreation and Sports Association) and the ASC (Asian Surfing Championships)



For more information:


TORSA:  Neil MacDonald

Email:  neilkmwt2002@yahoo.com

ASC:  Tim Hain

Email:  tim.hain@asiansurfingtour.com