Champions Crowned in 12 Divisions on Epic Finals Day at 2018 Manzhou Jialeshuei Pingtung County International Surfing Contest

15 October, 2018:  Champions in 12 divisions were celebrated yesterday afternoon on the final day of the 13th annual 2018 Manzhou Jialeshuei Pingtung County International Surfing Contest, where  semifinals and finals were completed in the best weather and wave conditions that the event has seen in several years and crowds lined the beach to cheer on their favorite surfers under sunny skies and warm weather.

Top honors go to Jialeshue local Pan Mei Shin (Leanne MacDonald) for her wins in both the Women’s Longboard Open and the Women’s Shortboard Open Division, bringing home a whopping $40,000 NT (just under $1,300 USD) for her three days of surfing.  She is just 16 years old but already showing great form and competitive acumen, and will be representing Chinese Taipei/Taiwan in the upcoming ISA World Junior Championships that are coming up in Huntington Beach California from 27 October to 4 November.

When asked about her win she explained, “TORSA helps us kids a lot by setting up training sessions and practice contests every Sunday,  so we can get compete with each other and get more experience.  I’ve never won two divisions in a contest before so I’m super happy to win at my home break, but I did feel really prepared for this final and was confident that if I got the good waves that I could win.”

She is looking forward to going to California to compete in the ISA World Juniors, but she knows that the competition will be much different there.  “I’m going to go there and do my best, but I know we will be challenged there and it will be a good experience,” she added.

Mei Shin Pan will be joined at the ISA World Juniors by her brother Pan Hai Hsin (Rory MacDonald), Noah Parrish, Chen Shang Fu, Jin Hao Chiu, Tz Cheng Lin, and Tzung Shiun Han.

Taking out the highly competitive Men’s Shortboard Open Division was local Fu-Cheng Chang, whose blazing backside attack earned him the victory over fellow surfing buddy Pan Hai Hsin.  His smile was a mile wide as he accepted his winner’s check for $30,000 NT, and expressed, “I’m so happy to be the winner, and I’m also really happy that I was out there with all my friends there in the final.  We surf together all the time, so it was almost just like a free surf.”

Pan Hai Hain (Rory MacDonald) maybe have  finished runner up in the Men’s Shortboard Open, but he brought home the winners check in the hotly contested Men’s Longboard Open Division, where he was the youngest competitor at 18 years of age.  He’s no stranger to the podium but admitted this was a tough final to win.  “We were lucky that the conditions were good during our final, so there were plenty of waves.  I’ve been surfing at this spot since I was a little kid, but so have most of the other guys, so in my final heat I tried to show something different to the judges.  In my semifinal I surfed kinda conservative, just normal longboarding, but in the final I know I had to put everything I had on the line and show something new to the judges as the other guys are all really good and experienced.  Last year I came in third, so to get a win this time is great!”

When asked if he is looking forward to his upcoming trip to California he answered, “We’re all pretty psyched up to be going to California, to see a different surf culture that we don’t have in Taiwan, and to enjoy the experience and get to surf in a big international event like the World Junior Championships.  There are 7 of us, four from south Taiwan and three from up north, so we’re all really excited.”

Of special mention is Lin Jhih Hua winning the Men’s Longboard (B) Division.  Lin (aka Bodi) is just 18 years old, and just last week his father disappeared while on a fishing trip and his body hasn’t yet been found.  Yesterday was Lin’s father’s birthday, so getting this win was celebrated with extra special feeling for the young man, his friends and family.  

This 13th running of the Manzhou Jialeshuei Pingtung County event over the three day period from 13-15th October saw over 160 competitors mostly from Taiwan that enjoyed great waves and camaraderie with the best weather conditions in recent history, as the previous two years had gale force winds coupled with rain to create a challenge for both the organizers and the surfers.

TORSA President Jose Chuang thoroughly enjoyed this event, watching it grow from a couple of tents on the beach and no prize money, gaining more and more support from both private businesses and the government, to this year’s massive participation and significant cash prize money.

“This year’s event was more like a festival, all about happiness, not just a surfing competition,” said Chuang.”  “People were surfing, they were partying, and from young to old all were having fun.  I especially like seeing the kids being more and more involved, as they need to be exposed to international as well as to national and local surfers and people.  We want to thank everyone for their contribution and participation to our event, and for next year we plan to attract even more international participants so we can make even more people happy with our event,” he concluded.

Contest Results:

Junior Division Final

1. Pan Wen-Jie

2. Chen Shang Fu

3. Yu Chia-Chi

4. Ming Jang Liu

Master Division Final

1. Huang Chin Yeh

2. Chung Yung Chung

3. Lee Weh Cheng

4. Eu Gine Chung

SUP Division Final

1. Cheng-Fu Chu

2. Lin Yu-Jung

3. Huang Chen Hong

4. Lui Tzu Chiang

Women’s Longboard Final(B)

1. Huang Chia Wei

2. Yim Wing Suet

3. Yi-Yu Wu

4.  Chung Chi Yao

Men’s Longboard Final (B)

1. Lin Jhih Hua

2. Chen-Yen Tsai

3. Wang Hao An

4. Huang, Sih You

Mens B Shortboard Final (B)

1. Li Weijie

2. Chia-Chi Yu

3. Peihua Gao

4. Yi Ho Liu

Women’s Bodyboard

1. Lin Chia Yu

2. Kuei Hsien Lin

3. Yi-Chen Yu

4. Young-Wie Wang

Mens Bodyboard Final

1. Lien-Chin Hsieh

2. Yanase Kenji

3. Bevan Langley

4. Ming-Feng Chen

Women’s Longboard Open Final

1. Pan Mei Shin

2. Chang Hsiu-Yun

3. Chen, Jyue-Ning

4. Dong,Ya-Ji

Women’s Shortboard Open Final

1. Pan Mei Shin

2. Chen Chi-Chieh

3. Chung Yun-Jung

4. Chuang Yun

Men’s Longboard Open Final

1. Pan Hai Hsin

2. Cheng Chung Hua

3. Chen Dong-Ming

4. Han Tsung-Lin

Men’s Open Shortboard Final

1. Fu-Cheng Chang

2. Pan Hai Hsin

3. Kuo Heng Liang

4. Pan Wen-Jie

There were over 160 competitors in 12 divisions, with a total prize purse of approximately $15,000 USD in the 2018 Manzhou Jialeshuei Pingtung County International Surfing Contest.

The Live Heat scoring system was used for this event, which allows anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop and internet connection to follow each heat score and view all the heat draws and results. 

You can see the results here:


The 2018 Manzhou Jialeshuei Pingtung County International Surfing Contest was funded by the Pingtung County Government, with the assistance of the Manzhou Branch of Pingtung Police, the Manzhou Township Office, Hengchun Rescue Team and the Pingtung County Wei-Jing Rescue Team and with sponsors Quiksilver, Roxy, Nanum, 720, Surf Ace Apparel, DSD MFG, Surf Trip World, USA, Exotic Blend, Pineapple Surfboards, Australian Gold, and Yoyo Kenting.

The event was organized and sanctioned by:  TORSA (Taiwan Ocean Recreation and Sports Association) and the ASC (Asian Surf Cooperative).