Canggu Fires For The Final Event of The Billabong Bloodlines Series - Bali 2017

PERERANAN BEACH, CANGGU - BALI -  The third and final event of the Billabong Bloodlines Series – Bali 2017 saw grommets descend on the famous right-hander at the Rivermouth of Pereranan Beach on Sunday, and were greeted with small but near perfect conditions. Each division was not only competing for the bragging rights of the first Canggu event winner, but also the highest place competitor for the three-part series - who would be crowned the series champion, and walk away with a brand new Channel Islands Surfboard.


With the early morning low tide, and not enough water on the reef for the right-hander, the Push-In division heats were up first. Having the luxury of a couple of different options on the Pereranan stretch, the micro groms, with a bit of help from their parents, entered the water at the Sandbar, just to the south of the Rivermouth. Always a crowd favourite, the free surfers already in the water, and the early starters sipping on their coconuts enjoyed the battle between Surya Ratif and Natan Bontje. Both seemed unstoppable on their way to the final, placing first in each heat they surfed; though there could be only one winner, and it was Natan who ultimately came out on top.

With the tide on the rise and the swell filling in, the event headed back to right-hander, with the U/14 boys and U/16 boys completing their early rounds. There were upsets galore with Canggu local and Billabong team rider, Kian Martin, unfortunately not progressing through his quarter final heat in the U/16s, and young Indonesian charger Bronson Meidy bowing out in his semifinal.


The girls got to sleep in, with their rounds not starting until after lunch. And even though the southerly winds threatened conditions, there was little effect on the contest site. The girl’s division was one to watch, with the final going down to the wire. Taina Izquerdo took the win, whilst Australian Zahlia Short close in second place. Dhea Natasya locked down the 3rd position, and this was enough for her to claim the series championship, on a countback, from Taina.


With the ocean moving around, and the tide swinging back to low, the boys Finals rounded out the competition at the right-hander. Kuta’s Ketut Agus surfed all day with a brace on his foot (an injury he sustained in the series’ Padma finals) and edged out series 1 winner Danny Widianto in second place. Danny’s consistent surfing across the three contests proved too good, and he walked away the series champion with a win and two second places to his name. The Widianto family had a lot to celebrate this season, as Danny’s older sister is Dhea, the series winner for the U/16 Girls.


The boys U/14 finalists impressed not only the judges but also the crowd on the sand, with less than a point deciding first and second place. Once again it was Kona Eru taking win after his exciting display at the previous event in Padma. Made Joi claimed second place, with Varun Tandjung in third and Made Deva fourth. Two consecutive event wins ensured Kona claimed the overall series.   


Billabong Bloodlines – Series Bali 2017 Event #3 Results


U/14 Boys 

1. Kona Eru                                                                           

2. Made Joi                                                                           

3. Varun Tandjung                                                              

4. I Made Deva                                                                   


U/16 Boys

1. Ketut Agus

2. Dhanny Widianto

3. Ryuki Waida

4. Tenshi Ishii

U/16 Girls                                                             

1. Taini Izquerdo                                                 

2. Zahlia Short                                                                     

3. Dhea Natasya                                                                 

4. Tia                                                                                      


1. Natan Bontje

2. Surya Ratif

3. Indica Corcoran

4. Lidia Kato

Billabong Bloodlines – Series Bali 2017 Overall Champions


U/14 Boys                                                                            

1. Kona Eru                 460 Points                            

2. I Made Deva            375 Points                             

3. Bronson Meidy        325 Points                             

U/16 Boys

1. Dhanny Widianto      500 Points

2. Ryuki Waida             450 Points

3. Ketut Agus                425 Points

U/16 Girls                                                                             

1. Dhea Natasya       475points                            

2. Taini Izquerdo       475 Points                             

3. Tia                         285 Points                             


1. Natan Bontje          550 Points

2. Lidia Kato               275 Points

3. Oscar Glossop        245 Points

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