Bali, Wednesday, March 22, 2017: The second annual Rip Curl King of Benoa at Bali Wake Park concluded on Sunday, March 19 after an intense two day competition that saw wakeboarders and wakeskaters in national, amateur, and pro categories in every age group coming together and sharing their love for the sport. Tricks were observed,  scores recorded, winners crowned, but perhaps most endearing were the friendships made between competitors, spectators, sponsors and event organizers. 

The tournament started on the morning of Saturday, March 18 and concluded well into the night of Sunday, March 19. The first day consisted of qualifying rounds with riders representing numerous countries around the world with many professionals and amateurs alike flying in specifically for the event. There was also the Pro System 2.0 category on Saturday night which saw both wakeboarders and wakeskaters pulling some epic tricks on the bi-level system.

Finals were on Sunday with everyone bringing their a game for the crown. The crowd really began to arrive at Bali Wake Park for the Pro Men's and Women's finals which offered some real acrobatic feats full of spectacle in the air and on the features. The final hurdle for the competitors was the System 2.0 finals which was slightly delayed by a microburst of rain over the park. Once scores were tabulated, it was podium time which was a major highlight for competitors, friends, sponsors and a lot of proud parents. 

One of the biggest highlights was Jadon Scures who managed to podium three times scoring first in National Groms, Amateur Wakeskate, and Amateur Grom Wakeskate. The 12-year-old home grown grom phenom is sponsored by Rip Curl, Bali Wake Park, and Dup Wakeboards. His clean runs and intimate knowledge of the park's features guaranteed him his podium spots. He's in the final year of being a grom and it'll be interesting to see who fills the void once he starts riding with the big boys.

Dup's Deanna Hatten won an easy top spot in the Pro Women's category outclassing her opponents. She did not disappoint the crowd attempting a huge double back flip to thunderous applause.  

Rip Curl's Daniel Grant was a huge favorite for a lot of categories and his showmanship definitely won the crowd over he scored a first place win in Pro Wakeskate, the Best Trick Award, and third overall for Men's Wakeboard. 

The explosive raw power of Domik Ghurs and Busty Dunn's smooth style clashed for the top spot in Pro Men's Wakeboard with only 0.9 points between them. Busty made it out on top and was crowned King of Benoa in an extremely close decision by the judges.

The judging team was made up of Scotty Broome, Manu Rupp, Mackie Rosen and Johnno Kohlman. The MC was Carlo Dela Torre who must have sold his soul to the devil for his skills on the mic.

Here are the winner details:


Groms (12 and under) 

1. Jadon Scures

2. Jackson Axford

3. Dylan Jones

Juniors (13-18)

1. Jacob Bowell

2. Mikel Gutierrez

3. Vincent Chen

Open (19-30)

1. Surdiansyah

2. William David Irwin

3. Ariyo Pratama

Masters (31-40)

1. Nyoman Sunarta

2. Wayan Panca

3. Chris Le

Veterans (41+)

1. Ryan Lee

2. Frank Penot

3. Gede Gunarsa


Men's Wakeboard

1. Busty Dunn

2. Dominic Ghurs

3. Daniel Grant

Women's Wakeboard

1. Deanna Hatten

2. Chrissy Heinrich

3. Talila Langfield


1. Daniel Grant

2. Yan Lacomte

3. Nick Murphy


Men's Wakeboard

1. Luke Carrick

2. Ben Turner

3. Alex Brookes

Grom Wakeskate

1. Jadon Scures

2. Ryan Carrick

3. Jake Turner


1. Jadon Scures

2. Ketut Adi Pulastra

3. Michael Richardo

Best Wipeout: Yannick Patton

Best Trick: Daniel Grant